THE KILLING FIELDS: Dozens of athletes now confirmed to have dropped dead from covid “vaccines”

Professional athletes all around the world are dropping dead from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” and the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to hide this fact from the public. When it does get reported, the talking-heads call it a “mystery,” but it is no mystery. In every case, an athlete develops heart problems […]

American families are living through these heartbreaking real-life stories of their children murdered by vax

It is already painfully obvious that the Elites seem to think they have control over your children and not you. Whether the teaching of mandated and clear racism via CRT or sexual perversions and sodomy as being “normal” and actually HOW to do it all which is just plain old fashioned child pornography and abuse, […]

Folks Around World Must Convene Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals. & Hang Pedoist Gates After Conviction For Mass Murder Via Loaded Syringes

A mass murdering Pedoist who demands he be allowed to rape little children with foreign objects any time his perverted evil ass feels like it. Mass murder is a hanging offense and Jesus the Christ DEMANDS ANY evil ass hole who harms in any way one of God’s little children be executed. The Ole Dog! […]