Bolsonaro Confronts WHO Chief: “People Are Dying After The Second Dose”

A new clip has emerged of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro confronting WHO head Tedros Adhanom about COVID-19 restrictions and asking why people are still dying of COVID after the second dose of the vaccine. The discussion took place during the recent G20 summit of global leaders in Rome. Challenging Adhanom on vaccine passports, Bolsonaro asserted […]

Pfizer Secretly Added Heart Attack Drug Tromethamine (Tris) to Children’s COVID Vaccines … But Why?

A newly released document shows that drug giant Pfizer added a secret heart attack drug to the children’s version of its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Committee that voted 17-0 to approve the jabs for children as young as five was notified that the children’s formulation of the drug […]


Investigative reporter Steve Kirsch has written an article stating that children’s hospitals across the United States are filling up with newborn babies that have serious cardiac issues, all because their mothers received the Covid-19 vaccine. An email Kirsch received claims that one hospital’s three NICUs (neonatal ICUs) are all completely full of newborn patients. All […]

Here’s the real reason Comirnaty is not available-because those shots would expose the company to liability since the fully licensed product doesn’t have the liability waiver of the EUA product.

CDC ADMITS THEY GET MAYBE 1 IN 10 REPORTS OF DISABILITY OR DEATH FROM THE CLOT SHOT KILLER JABS, SO MULTIPLY THE ABOVE TIMES TEN FOR A MINIMUM NUMBER OF DISABILITIES AND DEATHS. The reason Comirnaty isn’t available is because those shots would expose the company to liability since the fully licensed product doesn’t have […]

Indians DROP DEAD from starvation thanks to Pedoist Killer Jabs Bill Gates’ food rationing biometrics system

Few people know this but back in 2017, rural India implemented a digital biometrics food rationing system called Aadhaar that was thrust upon the country by none other than billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates. And many Indians have since died because of this genocidal tool. Aadhaar was built by Gates using a social credit scoring model […]