Big Pharma’s Political & Media Whores Demonize Cheap Safe Tried & Tested Ivermictin While They develop Copy Cat Drugs They Can Charge Frightened Sheep Out the Wazoo For

Corporations are Anti-Human and Pro Huge Profits.

An example.
When Dupont’s patents ran out on R-12 and R-22 freon refrigerants, both which worked great, so they could be produced in mass and bought cheaply by the populace, Dupont gave huge amounts of donations to ‘green” environmentalist to protest against and demonize both as “harmful to the environment”.

Using the useful idiot environmentalist hysteria and bribing politicians Dupont got both banned.
Dupont then replaced both with new freons with patens on them so they could charge a lot of money for them
The replacement freons did not work as well, were in fact harsher on the environment and caused the compressors and units used in to not last as long as units did using the older now banned by law freons.
But Duponts profits were “exorbitant” again.

The same thing has been done by Big Pharma to Ivermectin, a safe, tested, proven effective drug on which the paten has expired so it is very cheap while being very effective at both preventing and curing a wide range of diseases to include whatever is going around being called “COVID-19”.

A side note here, once a sheep has been jabbed with the Witches Brew Voodoo spike protein Non Vaccine mRNA “experimental” Killer Jab, Ivermectin may help but can not cleanse the body totally of the artificially injected and induced death jab’s spike proteins.
The vast majority dying now which is blamed on “COVID-19” are dying from being jabbed.

But back to the shuck and jive of Big Pharma.

I personally would trust the “Horse-Dewormer” Ivermectin to be more effective and safer than the copy cat knock off drugs of Ivermectin being rushed into production so Big Pharma can pick the pockets of frightened sheep who have been frightened away from a safe tried and effective drug by whored out bribed politicians, talking heads of MSM and the bought and sold mass murderers at FDA, CDC and the puppy torturing and child murdering Fauci.

As far as the blackmailed pedophile political whores in DC, the one holding the blackmail videos and offering the most bribe money is their “DADDY”.

The way you can tell which politician, MSM whore or “health expert” is lying, is to see which one’s lips are moving!

The Ole Dog!

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