Before I was an ole fart and retired, I carried at one time or the other M-16A1s manufactured by all the major manufacturers of Viet Nam era M-16s plus some of the M-16A2 variants. But I was never issued one “honoring” any president, past or present. Seems like a good idea to me, and the […]

Standing Up to Gaslighting

  In recent months the political left has been trying to convince us of some pretty incredible things. Among them are the claims, that boys can become girls, that men can become pregnant and that Rachele Levine is the “first-ever female four-star admiral.” None of it is true. In fact, the very opposite is the […]

As UN Claims 6% of his Fortune Could End Hunger, Elon Musk Calls Out UN Child RAPE & CHILD Sex Trafficking

With Tesla Inc’s latest rally in the stock market, Elon Musk’s wealth has skyrocketed to a new milestone. His massive $335.1 billion fortune now eclipses that of Warren Buffett — three times over. Naturally, such wealth has garnered him the attention of the political class who are demanding a piece of his Tesla pie. Even […]

CNN Host Inadvertently Exposes COVID ‘Crisis’ Theater: “We Took Off Our [USELESS AS TEATS ON A BOAR HOG DUST] Masks Just For The Photo”

CNN host Jake Tapper inadvertently revealed the security theater that is ‘COVID-safe’ after he tried to reassure people “we took off our masks just for the photo.” Tapper posted an image of himself and his CNN staffers for a “bake off” event before tweeting, “for anyone concerned, we took off our masks just for the […]

Thousands report developing abnormal tumors following COVID shots-There are no studies of the carcinogenicity of COVID vaccines, just as most childhood vaccines have no studies of their effects on cancer.

A 63-year-old previously healthy Michigan man developed a seven-centimeter tumorous growth after receiving Johnson & Johnson/Janssen’s shot against COVID-19, which caused him to go into respiratory failure and life-threatening cardiogenic shock where his heart was unable to pump enough blood to his vital organs. One day after receiving the J&J shot, the man developed “intractable […]

Queensland, Australia getting so many Killer Jabs injury reports that Queensland Health has announced it can’t keep up

So many “fully vaccinated” Aussies are getting really sick or dying from their Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections that Queensland Health claims it is no longer able to keep up with data tracking. The pro-jab organization has confirmed that “adverse vaccination events” are soaring to record highs, and that many vaccine-induced disease cases are having to […]

STUDY: In order to “save” 14 children from covid, 28 MILLION kids have to get Raped With a Killer Jab Loaded Syringe -“Meanwhile, at least 1,400 children will die from these injections”

Investigator Steve Kirsch is doing the Lord’s work by dredging up data on the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) that many are overlooking or ignoring. And one of his latest revelations has to do with childhood “vaccination” for the Chinese Virus, which is completely bogus. In a new presentation dated Oct. 26, 2021, the executive director of […]