Joe Biden and the Pope share a private joke during 75-minute closed-door meeting: Catholic president is granted more time with the Pontiff than his two predecessors after arriving at the Papal Palace with the First Lady in an 85-car motorcade

Wonder what they did with Hands Biden’s ole women while the two “blessed the children”?


The Ole Dog!

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden arrived at the Vatican Friday for their closed-door meeting with Pope Francis
Biden met with Pontiff for 75 minutes; longer than either of his predecessors
Biden gave Pope Francis a handwoven chasuble from 1930 from Holy Trinity Church in DC, where he often goes to Mass
The White House also will donate winter clothing to charities as part of World Day for the Poor in the pope’s honor
Pope Francis gave Biden a ceramic tile depicting the iconography of the pilgrim, as well as a collection of the pope’s main teaching documents, the Vatican said
The meeting comes after the Vatican abruptly canceled a planned live broadcast of the get-together
White House reporters were left standing outside in the courtyard
The Bidens’ motorcade was 85 cars long, due to Italian COVID-19 rules, which only allow four people per vehicle
The first lady wore a traditional mantilla veil and a dark suit for the encounter
Biden, the country’s second Catholic president, meets with the pope amid pressure over his pro-choice abortion stance

President Joe Biden got a 75-minute meeting with Pope Francis on Friday, longer than his two predecessors in the Oval Office.

Biden, the nation’s second Catholic president, was scheduled to be with the Pontiff for only an hour but got 30 minutes of extra time. In 2017, Francis met then President DonaldTrump for 30 minutes and, in 2014, Francis met with then President Barack Obama for 52 minutes.

During their meeting, Biden presented Francis a woven chasuble, or liturgical vestment, made in 1930 by the famed papal tailor Gamarelli and used by the pope’s Jesuit order in the U.S., where it was held in the archives of Holy Trinity Church, Biden’s regular parish in Washington. President John F. Kennedy, the first Catholic U.S. president, also worshipped at Holy Trinity.

‘I hope you find this gift from the United States appropriate,’ Biden said.

Biden also presented the pope with a presidential challenge coin.

‘I’m not sure this is appropriate, but there’s a tradition in America. That the president has what is called a command coin,’ the president explained.

Biden said it was meant for ‘warriors and leaders.’

‘And you are the most significant warrior for peace I’ve ever met,’ Biden told the pope.

The president said that while the U.S. seal adorned the front of it, the back was unique.

‘But I know my son would want me to give this to you because on the back of it I have the state of Delaware and the 261st, the unit my son served with,’ he said, referencing the late Beau Biden and his service in Iraq with the Delaware Army National Guard.


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