Kalifornia school board president who was caught on mic saying ‘f**k you’ to a parent ‘was also overheard saying “Oh god, here we go”‘ in SECOND slip-up at same meeting on mask mandates

Marlys Davidson appeared to say ‘Oh God, here we go’ after introducing two speakers at education board meeting
President of Los Alamitos Unified School District Board of Education heard saying ‘f**k you’ to parent
Parent Lauren Roupoli had raised concerns over mask and vaccine mandates
Incident is latest flashpoint in battle over right to question school administrators

The president of a California board of education who was caught on a microphone swearing at a parent has allegedly been caught in a second slip-up during the same meeting on mask mandates.

Marlys Davidson, who is the president of the Los Alamitos Unified School District Board of Education, appeared to say ‘Oh God, here we go’ after introducing two speakers at the meeting.

It was during the same session that Davidson was picked up by the microphone saying ‘f**k you’ after parent Lauren Roupoli raised concerns about mask-wearing mandates and vaccines for children.

During the meeting, Davidson had introduced two speakers she referred to as Claire C. and Leah R.

But during the applause for the speakers, Davidson appeared to say ‘Oh God, here we go’, according to a video posted on YouTube by Los Al Recall.

It is not clear in the footage which speaker Davidson was referring to or that Davidson had made the comment as all of the board members were wearing face masks during the meeting.

The first speaker, who said she was called Claire Chu, said she was happy everyone had the ‘freedom to speak’ and said she is concerned about critical race theory, claiming it teaches children to ‘hate each other because of their race, because of their skin color and make them identify different from others’.

She added: ‘No, we are all American. We are all one nation, one race. Don’t let them divide by the critical race theory.’

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