Another Mad Cow Maxx Vaxxed A$$ Hole & Fool Bites the Dust-Suddenly & Unexpectedly

Before I could read I sat on my father’s knee while he read to me what was going on in the world.
While I was still in Jr. high the school turned me loose in the high school library as I had already read anything worth anything in the Jr. high library.
In high school as a member of the UIL debate and informative speaking teams I read every new magazine and newspaper as they hit the school library.
Nuther words, I have always watched world wide what was going on.

I notice patterns, little things which go right over most sheep heads.

It is fact the Non Vaccine “experimental” mRNA “Gene Therapy” DNA altering Mad Cow Disease Causing type Spike Protein delivering via loaded syringe killer jabs are mass murdering humanity.

Sheep’s brains trust “those in authority” as to do otherwise means they would have to think independently and find a set of balls.
In other words stop being herd animals.
Nothing more frightening to a sheep than being forced to stand alone without the perceived “security” of a mass of other bleating in fear sheep packed around them.

The sheep figures if they can just stay in the middle of the herd the jackals and laughing hyenas will eat those on the outside of the herd.

Having in all my incarnations never been a sheep, (probably why I have been murdered, executed, assassinated so many times by the jackals and hyenas), my brain is not a sheep brain, so I notice everything going on around me.

So when a pattern appears of reporting sudden unexpected deaths and young healthy folks “just dying in their sleep” like this is normal with no follow up exclamation why by the MSM which is pimping for the killer jabs while covering the deaths, disabilities caused by the jabs which is a proven and admitted fact will not stop ANYONE from contacting ANY virus, I take notice.

I have seem several reported death while asleep in the young fit military personal.
I see people dying suddenly with no one explaining why.

So here is another one.

“His unexpected death was announced by his wife Marlene Galan Woods through a public relations firm.
A cause was not revealed publicly.”

The Ole (not a sheep) Dog!

‘Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods dies suddenly at 67: Family and friends pay tribute to GOP stalwart who became a Democrat in response to Trump and the party’s direction’

Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods, once an aide to the late Senator John McCain, died Saturday at the age of 67.

His unexpected death was announced by his wife Marlene Galan Woods through a public relations firm.

A cause was not revealed publicly.

‘Grant was the love of my life. My best friend. My heart is broken,’ his wife said in the statement. ‘I just cannot believe he is gone.’

Woods was a Republican who changed his registration to Democrat in 2018 due to his frustration of the GOP’s direction and alignment with then-President Donald Trump.


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