Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door-That Cold Dark Cloud is Coming Down

Humanity has already lost Many people to the death jabs.

The evil F##KS behind it are shutting down ports, paralyzing transpiration of goods, making sure food animals are slaughtered, crops go unplanted, shortages of food, preparing to force famines and starvation of biblical proportions on humanity.

They are shutting down hospitals, locking people down in communistic bull shit mandates, trying to kill off and emasculate the military with gay pride marches and killer jabs.

And all the while telling whopper lies of the safety of the Non Vaccine killer jabs which have already killed and disabled millions and with which they plan to kill billions of humans.

Saw a clip of a commie Aussie political whore admitting the killer jabs will not stop you getting any virus, but insisting you get it anyway.
The fine print of the evil asses producing these killer jabs admit they will not stop the transmission of any virus.

Yet like the choir of Imps of hell political prostitutes all over the world howl in unison “You Must Jab-Jab-Jab!!!

The world you grew up in and thought of normal has been murdered.
It is dead and never coming back.
If humanity wants to survive it will be a year or two fight against the evil behind this with a world on the other side from which this world will just be a dim memory lingering in the minds of those who make it through alive.

It will be a new world where humanity will have to let go of the past, embrace freedom of the individual, the death of control freaks, trying new ways of all of humanity living together without slaughtering each other for the benefit of a few evil spiritually blind ass holes.

No matter if you hold your breath until you turn blue you can not stop the birth of the new era nor the death of the old one.
The cowards can and will die trying.

Many brave will die also fighting the evil to allow the birth of a new era of universal individual freedom with respect for Natural God Given Rights.

Valhalla awaits the brave!

The Wailing and darkness of the underworld of Hel await the cowardly.

The Ole Dog!

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