Young mom suffers cascade of health problems after COVID shot, vows to fight medical corruption

A young mother from Utah shared with LifeSiteNews her nightmarish experience of developing severe adverse reactions immediately after receiving the COVID jab as part of the AstraZeneca COVID shot trial.

Brianne Dressen from Utah was a healthy mother of two young children and a pre-school teacher who eagerly signed up to the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine trial back in November 2020, as she was “confident that this was going to be our way out of the pandemic.” She received a first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine on November 4 and started experiencing adverse effects within an hour of getting the shot.

Dressen first experienced tingling in her arm, blurred vision, hyper-sensitivity to sound, light and touch, dizziness, nausea, and leg numbness. Weeks later, she was admitted to the hospital after her legs “stopped working” and she became incontinent. She had to undergo intense physical therapy, including re-learning how to walk.

Dressen was later diagnosed with a number of serious health conditions which affect her nervous system. She shared her ordeal with LifeSiteNews correspondent Jim Hale.

After a first of “many visits to the emergency room” ruled out multiple sclerosis and other major neuro-degenerative disorders, Dressen was sent home where she had to stay in a room by herself because of her extreme sensitivity to sound.

“My sensitivity to sound was so severe that even my little girl’s voice was too much for my ears,” she recalled.

She also suffered from hypersensitivity to light and had to “put towels on the windows to make the room completely black.”

Dressen lost 20 pounds, as she suffered from nausea and vomiting, and experienced difficulties swallowing her food.

She said she was certain that the vaccine was responsible for her condition.


WATCH: Young mom suffers cascade of health problems after COVID shot, vows to fight medical corruption

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