Trump still trying to claim credit for deadly covid vaccines that are killing Americans


Someone who has and is trying to push killer jabs on Americans is not your friend, your buddy or your savior.
Someone who wants to take your firearms is not your friend, your buddy or your savior.

Did “Biden” “steal” the “election” from “Trump”?

First, about half of Americans understanding the illusion of a free America and the clown show of the “elections” had noting to do with the “elections’.

That said, of the half which are of the sheep, Hands Biden could not fill a 7-11 parking lot and Trump was filling stadiums.
So for them to try to tell you Biden got more votes, popular or otherwise is calling you an idiot and is a whopper of a lie.

That said, the last “president” who tried to stand up for America had his brains blown out in Dallas Texas in 1963 by the same evil ass holes trying to force theses killer jabs on your sheep asses.

Every “president since they blew JFK’s brains out in public has known they are an actor, a hand puppet.
The only one with any real power was the serial baby raper Papa CIA BadBush who was high up in the evil minion organization, but by no means a top shelf evil F##K.
He took orders also.

Sorry to pop your sheep’s bubble but the Trickster Trumpster is an actor.
If he had really stood up agaisnt the evil and tried to put America first the same ass holes who blew JFK’s brains out would have blown Trumps brains out.

No one is coming to save America or your sheep asses.
You want America free, your children alive, you will have to find a set of balls and stand up yourself!

The Ole Dog!

‘Trump still trying to claim credit for deadly covid vaccines that are killing Americans’

There is a reason why Donald Trump earned for himself the title of “father of the vaccine.” Not only does he boastfully call himself this, but Trump continues to tour the media circuit bragging about how he would successfully “convince” more people to take the shots if he were still president instead of Joe Biden.

During a recent appearance with Bill O’Reilly, formerly of Fox News, Trump said, “I would sell it to them,” referring to his perceived ability to manipulate more unvaccinated people than Biden every could into taking the “Operation Warp Speed” injections.

In less than nine months, Trump went on to boast, his administration was able to fast-track three different “vaccines” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) that are now being administered all around the world.

“Look, I’m very proud of what we did with the vaccines,” Trump told O’Reilly, who now hosts a political news show on The First TV.

“It was supposed to take five years,” Trump added about the production timeline for the shots, “and they said it wasn’t going to work. I did three vaccines in less than nine months and they do work, they work really well.”

According to Trump, there was “no talk” about a vaccine mandate while he was still president, and not because his administration did not plan to get everyone injected. No, in Trump’s mind, there did not need to be a mandate because “everybody wanted the vaccine” under his rule.

“Now a lot of people don’t want it,” Trump went on to lament.

Trump has never once mentioned covid vaccine adverse events

Trump has yet to so much as mention the litany of adverse events that are being reported in conjunction with his shots. Instead, he is focused on trying to take credit for them over Biden.

Since the first vaccine trial data to be released came out about a week after he “lost” the 2020 election, Trump’s biggest concern right now is that Biden will take credit for their production and release instead of him.

Trump wants the world to know that it was he who funneled billions of American taxpayer dollars into Big Pharma’s coffers to produce these shots, making a few select pharmaceutical CEOs very wealthy.

Biden, meanwhile, has resorted to threatening unvaccinated Americans with punishment if they continue to reject Trump’s vaccines, which are not Biden’s vaccines, apparently.

“Our patience is wearing thin,” Biden mumbled during an appearance. “And your refusal (to get injected) has cost all of us.”

Trump and many other Republican politicians are singing much the same tune about these shots, mainly that they are “safe and effective” and everyone should get them. The only difference between Republicans and Democrats, at least as far as what they are saying vocally about the jabs, is that Republicans would appear to be against vaccine mandates.

What good are these empty words, though, when the mandates are going to be imposed by the private sector or by the federal government regardless? And let us not forget that there would be nothing to mandate had Trump not warp-speeded these things through the process, as there would not have been any covid vaccines available for at least another four years.

“Trump was put into place to stoke the prospects of civil war,” wrote one commenter at Zero Hedge. “To further the division and hatred. All according to the plan to destroy America from within.”

“Trump was a false hope Trojan Horse,” added another, agreeing with the sentiment.


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