Best Plant a Garden

Learn to grow your own food.
Build or buy composting toilets.
Figure out a water storage system or a water supply not tied to the grid.
Look to defense of your selves and your home.
Learn to repair what you have.

All major Corporations are owned by the same handful of people when one works their way through the bullshit.

Airlines, hospitals, cities, Railroads, major employers are all saying if you do not take the killer jab you will be fired.
This is a direct attempt to bring America down into a paralyzed shit hole with no food, no medical care, no jobs or parts for what you already have.

Farmers are already struggling to keep their equipment working because of an engineered supply system break down.

The Amish will survive.
Their horses will still work.
They have stored food and their own water supply.
They refuse all Vaccines including the Non Vaccine killer jabs.

Almost evrey yard used to have a garden in it.
Want to survive?
Learn the skills your great grandparents had.

The Ole Dog

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