Australian mandatory mask propagandists EXPOSED in major medical journal

Following in the footsteps of communist China, the Australian government adopted some of the most totalitarian approaches to “public health” – threatening human rights and experimenting on populations through coercion and force. Back in July of 2020, the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services ordered all residents to wear face masks outside their home, with the threat of fines for noncompliance. The Department never provided any scientific research to justify such a forceful and punitive medical edict. Due to these orders, Victorians have faced thousands of dollars in fines and are forced to live in a constant state of duress and oxygen deprivation.

Australia propagandists try to cover for their harmful, forced medical experiments

To cover for their illegal, forced medical experimentation, the Australian government commissioned a “world-first” study to justify their mandatory face mask policy. The study was published in Plos One, a major medical journal. Medical researchers from around the world have already exposed the study as PROPAGANDA, pinpointing bias and blatant errors throughout. The study is rife with false projections and supposition. After taking an objective look at the study, many medical researchers say this propaganda should never have been published in a medical journal.

Arrogantly, the authors of this bogus study claimed that mandatory face masks policies turned the pandemic “almost overnight.” The paper is derived from the Burnet Institute, a well-connected institution with significant influence over Australian public health authorities. The Burnet Institute made sensational and unfounded claims, saying that mandatory masking was the “single most important control measure” that “turned an exponential increase in community transmission into an exponential decrease, almost overnight.”

The Burnet Institute has made multiple alarmist predictions over the past year and a half, using terror to control people’s behavior. The Victorian Department of Health refers to the “experts” at the Burnet Institute to justify their totalitarian actions. The paper disclosed that five of the study authors “provide guidance to the Victorian government’s Covid-19 response.” The conflicts of interest were obvious and rampant, with one co-author childishly barking, “The key finding from this study is that masks work.”

But as most people understand now, mask mandates are enacted based on the assumption that all people are inherently diseased. A mask mandate is based on hysteria and assumes that non-sick people are spreading infectious diseases they don’t have. This totalitarian concept is not based in any epidemiological evidence. Mask mandates also subvert the individual rights of the people, forcing submission to false authorities, while causing social isolation, bacterial infections, cardiovascular strain and oxygen deprivation.

Medical researchers expose Australian mask mandate propagandists

“There has been a lot of low-quality research that has come out in the pandemic, but for this [contrived study] to be used as a basis for a policy change is staggering,” said Dr. Kyle Sheldrick, a medical researcher at the University of NSW. “To me it’s very clear this has not had a close peer review, partly because of the serious and substantive issues, but it just clearly hasn’t been proofread,” he said.

The propagandists used random photographic data to support their supposition. The photo evidence only showed that people were more likely to wear masks when under duress. The study authors correlated random pictures depicting high mask uptake to time-sensitive, cherry picked data showing fewer covid-19 positives. The study authors worked backwards from their conclusion to reinforce their belief system, while ignoring countless other factors that affect the positivity rate. Sheldrick said the photos were taken from editorials in a metropolitan newspaper. The photos in the before group were taken between 2pm and 4pm, while nearly all of the photos in the after group were taken between 8am and 12pm. “Which just means the data set is useless,” Sheldrick said.


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