Are the Good Times Really Over For Good-Why Humans Like Antiques

Folks like antiques because they remind them of a past time which they perceive as being better and simpler.

The past times they wish they could return to were not necessarily better or simpler.
It is just humans tend to remember the good times while forgetting the bad.
When they look back at being a kid, a teenager, or twenty something, starting out, past love interest, they remember what they want to remember which is the good times, while avoiding the painful times.

In every age there have been wars, hunger, indecision, desperation, evil ass holes trying to farm the common folks for perverse pleasure and profit.

The past is the past, it can not be brought back.
You can not change any mistakes you made back then.

The future will always be the future.
There is nothing you can do to change the future, make it a better world other than pull your head out of your ass in the present, find a set of balls, stand up against the evil looking you in the face RIGHT NOW!

The world you grew up in you think of as “normal” is gone.
It is not coming back.
A new world is coming, you can not stop the changing of the worlds or the march of time.

The question is, what will you do in the present?
Will you stand up for humanity against the old evil, or will you sheep like sit there dreaming of when “things were better and simpler”?

Your choice, but there are always consequences to the choices humanity makes.

The Ole Dog!

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