The U.S. is DELIBERATELY Destroying America’s Health Care Infrastructure by Making War on the People who Remember What Medicine Means

The medical profession is fast becoming an unattractive prospect to young people, many of whom are not at all interested in become just another Big Pharma pawn.

“Brain drain,” as they call it – this is when there is not enough interested talent to maintain a profession – is spreading like wildfire throughout the health care sector because nobody wants to be force-vaccinated just to keep their jobs.

While there are, in fact, other industries doing the same, there is arguably no industry more fascist than today’s medical profession, which no longer respects freedom of choice and the right to resist pharmaceutical drugging.

Hospitals all across the country are seeing their staff flee due to jab mandates, which has left many of them unable to operate as normal. In upstate New York, as one example, an entire health system’s maternity ward has had to close down due to a lack of nurses.

“Healthcare professionals who choose to make their own personal health decisions – the same people who were celebrated last year as front-line heroes – are now being fired or forced to resign because of this mandate,” writes Simon Black for The Daily Bell.

“That’s bad enough … But the potential to drive good doctors and nurses out of the U.S. healthcare system goes far beyond executive orders,” he adds, referring to fake “president” Joe Biden’s mandatory vaccination EO.

Who wants to be a slave to the misguided public health decrees of corrupt bureaucrats?

If you can even believe it, doctors in the United States who dare to even so much as question the “safety and effectiveness” of Fauci Flu shots are being told that they could lose their medical licenses for spreading “misinformation.”


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