Remembering the USS Liberty which Israhell Tried to Sink, Murdering 34 Americans, wounding 171

There is no doubt in my mind the USS liberty and crew were sent where this happened by the US Navy so it could be sunk, US would have an excuse to take out Egypt for the red Russian Khazarian Mafia occupying Palestine.

When ordered to sail close to a war zone, the captain requested armed escorts and was refused protection.
LBJ knew who was attacking the Liberty when the crew did not as the first waves of planes machine gunning the crew and trying to sink her were unmarked, a violation of international law and the laws of war.

LBJ PERSONALLY ordered the second attempt to send US Navy planes to the rescue to stand down saying he was not going to embarrass an Ally over a “few dead sailors and marines”.

At the point LBJ knew it was Israhell trying to sink the ship, the crew members still thought the planes must be Egyptian.
It was not until the Israhell marked torpedo boats came out to try finish sinking the Liberty the crew understood it was Israhell murdering their crew members and trying to sink the ship, which was in international waters.

This proves LBJ and certain evil treacherous evil USA high up persons were in on this dastardly deed.

LBJ was a rabid Zionist Zombie Virus Host.
In addition he heard the shots when Israhell murdered JFK.
He was there when Israhell made JFK’s head explode.
LBJ did not want his head to explode!

JFK was going to stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they don’t get their way.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to personally attend a lecture where a crew member recounted the attack and the USA’s coverup and persecution of the crew members afterwards.
They were threatened with prison or death if they told even their wives or parents what really happened.

He said the only reason that ship did not sink was the hand of God reached down to hold her up as a testament to the evil of Israhell.

Of course let us not forget when the same evil murdered, nay Holocausted 3,000 Americans in New York on 11 September 2001.

Again with the help treasonous USA high up Officials.

The Ole Dog!

I’m not exactly sure when I first heard of the Liberty incident of 1967. The story was certainly a dramatic one, the attack upon an almost defenseless American intelligence ship by Israel’s air and naval forces late in the Six Day War fought against several Arab states. Over 200 American servicemen were killed or wounded by Israeli machine-guns, rockets, napalm, and torpedoes, representing our greatest naval loss of life since World War II. Only tremendous luck and the heroic actions of the sailors prevented the Liberty from being sunk with all hands lost.

The Israeli government quickly claimed that the attack had been accidental, a consequence of mistaken identification and the fog of war, but none of the survivors ever believed that story, nor did many of America’s top political and military leaders, notably Secretary of State Dean Rusk, CIA Director Richard Helms, and numerous top officers, including a later Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Although a brief investigation ordered by President Lyndon Johnson quickly endorsed the Israeli account, over the next half-century the Liberty survivors regularly condemned that official verdict as a cover-up and a whitewash. Their deep outrage was only slightly assuaged by the flood of medals they had received from our guilt-ridden government, which established the Liberty as perhaps the most highly-decorated ship in American naval history, at least with regard to a single engagement.

The real-life events of that day almost seem like a script out of Hollywood. The first wave of unmarked attacking jets had targeted and destroyed all of the Liberty’s regular transmission antennas while also trying to jam all standard American broadcast frequencies to prevent any calls for help. A flotilla of torpedo boats later machine-gunned the life-rafts to ensure there would be no survivors. These relentless attacks lasted for more than an hour and completely perforated the vessel, with the sides and the decks being pitted by more than 800 holes larger than a man’s fist, including 100 rocket-hits that were six to eight inches wide, and a 40 foot hole below the waterline produced by a torpedo strike. Only a miracle kept the ship afloat.

But the desperate sailors braved constant enemy fire to jury-rig a single transmission antenna, allowing them to send out an urgent plea for help. Their SOS was finally received by our nearby Sixth Fleet, whose commanders immediately dispatched two waves of jet fighters to rescue the Liberty and drive off the attackers, only to have both flights recalled by order of America’s highest political leadership, which chose to abandon the Liberty and its crew to their fate. At the end, two large helicopters filled with commandos dressed in full battle gear and armed with assault weapons were preparing to board the Liberty, sweep its decks clear of any resistance, and sink it. But at that moment their headquarters apparently discovered that the ship had managed to report its plight to other American military forces, so the enemy broke off the attack and retreated. The first American assistance finally arrived seventeen hours after the first shots had been fired, as two destroyers reached the stricken vessel, which was still desperately trying to stay afloat.

This story combined so many elements of exceptional military heroism, political treachery, and success against all odds that if the Liberty had been attacked by any nation on earth except Israel, the inspirational events of June 8, 1967 might have become the basis for several big-budget, Oscar-nominated movies as well as a regular staple of television documentaries. Such a patriotic narrative would have provided very welcome relief from the concurrent military disaster our country was then facing in its Vietnam War debacle. But events involving serious misdeeds of the Jewish State are hardly viewed with great favor by the leading lights of our entertainment industry, and the story of the Liberty quickly vanished from sight so that today I doubt whether even one American in a hundred has ever heard of it.


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