Diversity Darling Finds Out Her Ancestor Owned Slaves

The Commies trying to destroy America act like slavery started with and ended with “whites” making slaves of blacks.

Thousands of Irish were sent to America as slaves by the British who were trying to exterminate the Irish in Ireland so the English could steal their land.
The Irish slaves were treated much more harshly then the Africans slaves as they were trying to exterminate the Irish but an African slave was an economic investment.

Not all “white” slaves were Irish.
My 5th great grandfather Eve got crossways with the law in London and got shipped to America as a slave.
Wonder when the Fake queen in Merry ole will be mailing yours truly a reparations check?

Then let us not forget the thousands of native Americans who died in slavery to the Vatican.
When tourist visit the Spanish Missions they have no idea of the Indians who died under the whip to construct them.

The London and New York Khazarians who stir all this up trying to paint “whites” as beast, were the majority of slave traders and slave ship owners who made a fortune kidnapping Africans from Africa and selling them into slavery in America.

They ran rum distilleries in New York.
When they were not selling rum to the Indians they were loading their slave ships full, trading it to Chiefs in Africa to raid other tribes for captives to trade to the slavers for their rum.

By the way:

But I have to wonder?
Now that this MSM Commie talking head has found out her ancestors were the dirty dogs appressing the African slaves, will she sign over all her future paychecks to the slavery reparations fund?

Personally my policy is “let the dead bury the dead”.
The past is the past and can not be changed, but the evil in the world at the present can be attacked, eliminated so humanity has a better world in the future which can only be changed for the better by changing the present for the better.

The Ole Dog!

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