Fully Killer Jabbed Florida man DIES from Jab, Death Blamed On “COVID”, MSN implies it’s the fault of unvaccinated people

A North Palm Beach man is dead after contracting post-vaccination “covid pneumonia.” And the mainstream media – MSN in particular – is blaming the unvaccinated.

Vincent Konidare reportedly died on Sept. 19 after testing “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) on Aug. 2. Vincent’s wife Jaime told the media that her now-deceased husband had no pre-existing health conditions, but did receive the single-dose Johnson & Johnson (J&J) injection back in March.

MSN reported that Vincent’s post-vaccination health woes started with a cough. That cough escalated until eventually Vincent was taken to the hospital and put on a ventilator, which is usually a death sentence for patients who end up on this misguided protocol.

For more than a month, Vincent “battled” covid while attached to that ventilator at the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. Then, suddenly, he died of a lack of oxygen, Jaime says.

“They called us and said, ‘You know, we just can’t give him any more oxygen,’” Jaime recalls. “‘He’s getting 100% and he’s failing,’ and at that point, we all went to the hospital and we got there just in time to say goodbye.”

“I just want people to know: This was a great guy. He was an amazing husband, an amazing father, he was a beautiful, handsome, strong, healthy, kindhearted guy who was loved by so many people. The outpouring of love just never stopped,” Jaime added in a statement to the media.

Despite her husband’s death, Jaime Konidare says that everyone should “go ahead and get vaccinated” and “wear a mask”


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