More US soldiers killed themselves in few months than died from Covid-19 since start of pandemic, Pentagon reveals

I was off in a war when my father in law a WW 2 vet died.
After the war was over, I came home and went with my wife and her siblings to visit her mother and father’s grave in a National Cemetery.

After a while they were there talking and I wandered off reading head stones.
I was amazed at the number of Viet Nam vets who had died shortly after the Viet Nam war was over.
Talked to my Viet Nam vet brother about it later.
Many vets came home with drug and alcohol additions which killed them.
Many could not readjust and killed themselves.

For the last 20 years the USA has made war on the 3ed world based on lies.
Little children, women and old men have been slaughtered by the millions with firearms, killer drones, starvation and indiscriminate bombing.

The vets come home, the smarter ones knowing they have killed folks never attacked or harmed Americans for financial and power gains by rich ass holes.
Then the USA throws them to the dogs, has the VA F##K em raw.

Some fight to adjust and many go on with their lives hiding the scars and the butt F##King the USA via the Criminal VA gives them.

Some can not handle it and eat their pistol.

The USA is trying to force killer jabs on all US military for a “virus” which has killed 58 total for what is it now, a year and a half of the “pandemic”.

But seen not to give a flying trapeze about stopping the suicides by stoping sticking a big Red White and Blue Dick up the asses of the military and vets.

The Ole Dog!

More members of the US military have died from suicide in just the second quarter of this year than of the coronavirus over the course of the pandemic, according to a disturbing new Pentagon report.
Between the beginning of April and the end of June 2021, there were 139 total military suicides – 99 in active service, 14 among reservists, and 26 in the National Guard – says the latest report from the Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO).

The statistics released show a 46% surge in suicides among the US Army active-duty forces over the same span of time in 2020.

The new figures also mean that suicides in just that calendar quarter amount to more than double the official death toll from Covid-19 in the armed forces, which the Pentagon has put at 58 so far.

The Defense Department’s 2020 annual report on military suicides, published at the end of September, showed 580 such deaths over the course of 2020 – corrected to 581 in the latest quarterly – up from 505 total the year before.

While the rate of suicides among reservists and the National Guard has stayed “statistically flat” since 2016, the active duty force saw a “significant” increase, said Dr. Karin Orvis, who took over as chief of DSPO in 2019. The rate of suicides in active service was 28.7 per 100,000 in 2020, the highest since detailed records started being kept in 2008, when it was 16.9 per 100,000.

Enlisted men under the age of 30 were at highest risk, making up 42 percent of the total military population in 2020, but accounting for 63 percent of military suicides that year, Orvis said. The Army’s suicide rate of 36.4 per 100,000 was nearly double that of the Navy’s 19.3.

The second-quarter figures from 2021 predate the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, which began in August. Any suicides related to the Kabul airlift and the end of that 20-year conflict would be tallied in the next quarterly report.


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