A Fort Hood soldier was found dead near the barracks-WAS HE MAD COWS MAXX VAXXED?

Was he Mad Cow Maxx Vaxxed?

I have heard on the news mention of two or three other soldiers in Texas who were “found dead in their bed” as if that were normal with no follow up stories.

It is FACT these Non Vaccine Mad Cow Disease causing type spike protein delivering killer jabs have already murdered at least tens of thousands and more than likely millions.
Yet Hand all over little girls Biden, or whoever has their arm shoved up his rancid ass using him As a hand puppet are trying to mass murder US Military personal by FORCING a Known Killer Jab on the Military folks.

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The soldier, who was found dead near the Fort Hood barracks in Texas over the weekend, was identified by Army officials on Wednesday.

Spc. Maxwell Hawkin, 26, was found in his comic area on Saturday, officials said in a statement.

The cause of death was not disclosed. Hawkin joined the Army in March 2017 and was assigned to the 1st Armored Brigade combat group. He has been with his unit, the 91st Battalion of Engineers, since July 2017, the Army said.

“The entire Saber family is deeply saddened by the loss of our true teammate and friend, Specialist Maxwell Hawking,” said Lt. Col. Sullivan, 91st Engineer-Battalion Commander. “He had a great work ethic, was a mentor to his peers and was always ready to help the team. They really miss him.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Maxwell family at this difficult time,” Sullivan added.

Hawkin’s death is being investigated by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command.


A Fort Hood soldier was found dead near the barracks

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