Look at the diagram above.
This is how the economic, political and power of the world is structured.

There are a handful of families who own damn near everything.
The “presidents and kings, religious “leader” charlatans you see are hand puppets for these handful of families.
They are not independent heads of States of independent countries.
They are blackmailed and bribed ass holes who took the 30 coins to sell out humanity.
The wars which are fought are not wars of the people but planned wars to increase the wealth, power, plans of the handful of families and to further subjugate humanity.

Wars in the past were also used to kill off “excess” humans.
There are just too many humans now for any war short of an all out world wide nuclear war to kill off the numbers the “elites” want killed off.

They have been saying for years the sheep needed to be killed off until only about 500 million are left with them packed in cracker box shacks in slum cities.
Just enough people left to be the slaves of the elites.
They have been saying they “need” to kill off most of humanity for generations.
They chiseled it in stone and placed it for all the sheep to see on the Georgia Guide stones.


The evil ass holes who consider themselves “enlightened”, so much smarter than the human sheep they farm decided to do the mass murder with a loaded syringe.
There never was a pandemic.
Yes I believe they tried to turn loose a plague on humanity but their dark ages “scientist” are incompetent screw ups.
So they are delivering the death through the Non Vaccine “experimental” “Gene Therapy” DNA altering Mad Cow Disease Causing type of tri-fold spiked protein mRNA witches Brew Voodoo killer jabs.

Any big shot you see getting the jab on television either got a B-12 for saline shot or pretended to get jabbed like the evil DC witch Nancy Pelosi.

The “Guvnor” of Kalifornia is trying to force it on all children while having to admit his own 11 0r 12 year old daughter has not been jabbed.
He will either lie, say she got it or have her publicly take a fake jab on TV to encourage parents to take their children to be jabbed as a sacrifice to the demon gods these evil ass holes worship.

So, why would the owner or CEO of a major corporation kill their own corporation forcing killer jabs on their own employees?

People like Gates, Soros, Suckenberg of Facebook, the bearded one of Twitter litter, the CEOs of the airlines, MSM, and all other major corporations are owned and operated by that handful of family’s at the top of the pyramid.

Go-fors like Gates and Soros are placed into positions where they are allowed to live like kings, have worlds acclaim and some power to serve that handful of families.
if you trace true ownership of most all major corporations it will wind through a host of paper trails, board members, other corporations and false “owners” until actual ownership and control comes back to that handful of families at the top of the pyramid.

Take an airline.
The perceived owner is a Go-for for the handful of families.
They are allowed to be rich, live the “lifestyle of the rich and famous”.
But their ass and “their” corporations in reality belong to the handful of families on top of the pyramid.

So why would a CEO of an airlines kill their own corporation forcing their employees and pilots to take killer jabs.
Specially the pilots as the knowing already know Mad Cow Maxx Vaxxed pilots are crashing their planes with heart attacks, mini-strokes and drooling episodes, getting blood clots and dying?

Well, if you kill most of humanity off, say down to that 500 million number, force the rest into cracker box shacks in overcrowded slums, you will not need all these airlines, all this production of consumer goods, all these cars and such.

Besides that, it is not like real wealth will be lost.
All these corporations were set up with worthless fiat funny ‘money”, currency of which the families at the top of the pyramid can and do print off out of thin air, backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic vale, all of it they want or need to farm the sheep.

I assure you the real owners have underground values stuffed with gold of which real money is made and other things of intrinsic value.
They have used their phony currency to buy up all the best and important land around the world.
The mass murdering pedoist Gates has been going around buying up shit loads of farm land.
Remember Gates is just a hand puppet of the handful of families.

Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Blackmail tapes are useful for keeping all the hand puppets in line.

This has another use as the elites can take that land out of food production as they are planning to starve humans with planned famines of biblical proportions.

The “heads” of these social platforms and international or major corporations will not have to take a job flipping burgers at Micky Ds when their masters kill off the corporations they are the puppet head of.
They will have gold and real wealth squirreled away just as the handful of families at the top of the pyramid.
Not as much but more than enough to live very comfortably the rest of their lives.
Which may not be that long anyway.

Ever watch the Communist take over a country?
The head communist after being solidly in power kills off those lieutenants and useful idiots who helped him get there.
They know where the bodies are buried, and are a danger to the head commie once he is in power because if the lieutenants and useful idiots who helped him mass murder his way to power grow dissatisfied, they may do the same thing to him they helped him do to others.

There is no honor in this bunch so it only makes sense murdering those under you who helped you do crimes against humanity to be rid of them.
And once in total power, the head mass murderer no longer needs them.

So when you scratch your head and wonder why the hell these CEO and “owners” of these corporations would mass murder their “own” employees so as to kill their “own” corporations, you must understand how this world really is run and owned to answer that question.

I leave you with a video from a man who was very wise.
He has been dead for some time but his wisdom lives on.

In this video he addresses America, but it is the same for every country in the rest of the world.
The “governments” and “heads of states” of all these world wide countries are just hand puppets for that handful of families at the top of the pyramid.

The Ole Dog!

George Carlin ~ The American Dream

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