Vigano Warns Against Masonic Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, Jesuit Pope

I not only understand reincarnation, I am one who can track my trail through history.
If one reads what is written about my former lives, some say good things, some say bad things.
Most time it will be noted I was tolerant of most all religions unless they were down right evil.
I have friends among the Catholics.
Some understand reincarnation, some believe the one life heaven or hell story of Roman “christianity”.

The are many ways to God and each man’s or woman’s path is an individual thing.

I have no desire to stop Catholics from their religion, but the Vatican is evil it’s self.
Always has been, always will be until it is no more.

Once long ago I told a pope to go have sex with himself.
I still feel the same way.
The Vatican uses people’s desire to find God to live like kings.
Evil Kings.

The Vatican must cease to exist.
Perhaps the Catholic churches can have local associations as the Texas Baptist have.
Northern Baptist have one.
Southern baptist have one.
Local control without any of the other associations having control of another association.

The Ole Dog!

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