I assure you if the CCP had turned on it’s founder and master, the CCP would cease to exist in short order.
So the CCP turned loose a virus on Humanity.
Who the hell do you think ordered that evil against humanity done?

The same evil master brought Communist Russia, the USSR into existence.

The USSR and DC were used as the Boogie Man against the peoples of both countries with the whored out politicians from both evil “governments” always screaming the other was about to attack the other and the people had to send their money to the “government”, give up any freedom or God Given Rights that remained so they could save the people from the evil of the other side.

There was never going to be war between the two, they were owned by the same evil master.
Oh sure, they sent common soldiers to kill each other in brush wars like Korea and Viet Nam, but there was never going to be and there was no direct war between the two.

I have seen a master of two dogs who wanted the dogs to fight for his pleasure rub two dogs who had no problems between them noses together until they were ready to fight each other, with out a clue why that was.

Same thing, except the evil master plans to get what he wants just keeping the people scared so they allow whored out politicians to sell their asses and futures out to the evil master.

The whores in DC are no less evil than the whores of the CCP, and are owned by the same evil master.
It is just the evil DC whores have to pretend to be the good guys so if they send the US military to start shooting Americans and making them disappear off the street and out of their homes at night, the American people might wake up.

Perhaps it is time to take to heart what American’s forefathers said.

Another thing for the American people, as well as humanity as a whole to think on.

Modernized, Man will never be free until the last King, President, CEO of International Corporation, Owners of Banks are strangled with the entrails of the last charlatan pedophile priest.

The Ole Dog!

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