Denver police officer who lost ability to walk after first covid non vaccine Killer Jab fired for refusing second jab to Finish Him Off by Denver’s Communist Anti-Humanity Goon “governmet”

Nearly a dozen police officers in Denver are joining a lawsuit against the department for forcing them to get “vaccinated” against their will for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

One of them, Jose Manriquez, is pretty much paralyzed as a result of getting his first jab of the Pfizer “vaccine,” which contains genetically modifying (GMO) mRNA technology.

Just 34 years old, Manriquez was a healthy runner prior to getting injected. Immediately after getting his first dose of Pfizer, however, Manriquez lost feeling in his legs and feet and now has trouble walking without assistance.

“The worst story is a guy, 34 years old, four kids, who had covid last year and recovered, he’s a runner, very healthy, went ahead and took the mandatory jab to not lose his position with the Denver police on August 22,” Manriquez’s lawyer Randy Corporon told Fox News in an interview.

“He can barely walk now. He falls down if he doesn’t have people around him. So, there are other consequences to forcing this jab that people are not thinking about.”

Manriquez explained that right after getting his first dose of Pfizer, he “started developing body aches” and “pain in his legs.” One week later, the pain got worse and he had to be sent home.

“On the way home, I couldn’t feel my feet anymore,” Manriquez told Fox host Ainsley Earhardt.

“I couldn’t feel the gas pedal or the brake pedal and pretty much had to call for help to get home, and I barely made it.”

Manriquez’s doctor confirmed that the Pfizer shot did this to Manriquez, and that the situation will probably get worse before it gets any better.

“I’m just so frustrated with the doctors,” Corporon added. “They don’t have the courage. The effects started hitting him right after he took the shot.”

Some nine other officers who were part of the force have joined Manriquez in a lawsuit against the Fauci Flu shot mandate that caused all this.

Denver mayor lied about courts saying covid vaccine mandates are a good way to protect people


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