Aussie Freedom Blogger Arrested At Home For Alleged ‘Breach Of Public Health Act’ (NOT WEARING A USELESS DUST MASK WHEN NO ONE ELSE WAS AROUND) By The Communist Australian Police Who Are Making The Communist CCP Enforcer Goons Look Good in Comparison

Australian blogger Simeon Boikov – known as the “Aussie Cossack” – has been arrested a home for reportedly violating lockdown rules.

Boikov, a citizen journalist whose YouTube channel covers police brutality and lockdown measures, livestreamed as three NSW cops entered his home and arrested him for “an alleged breach of the Public Health Act” on Oct. 4.

As of this writing, it’s unclear what Boikov was charged over, however it comes days after he posted a video mocking the arresting officer, Seargeant Kingston. In a longer video (below), Kingston calls Boikov an “absolute menace” who was suspected of committing an offense by parking his car and getting out of it – which Boikov says he did ‘to exercise.’

In several videos on his YouTube channel, Boikov can be seen spotlighting police brutality and intimidation tactics against the public, walking into public places without a mask to challenge local mandates, instructing people on how to legally protest. In short, he’s a huge thorn in the side of the NSW government.


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