If the Revolutionaries could only have seen the prostituted pedoist who do evil from DC today

If the Revolutionaries could only have seen the prostituted pedoist who do evil from DC today-
They would have just drank some good Southern sipping whiskey and gone home the tax on tea to pay-

If they could have foreseen the degenerates who would gather in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, America to sack-
Their thirty shekel sellout of Americans, their zionist zombie commie games, seen their lack-

Of truth no honor the evil they would force on the American people-
If they could have seen the way the Americans would sell their balls for chump change and become bleating sheeple-

They would have not fought a long desperate hard war for freedom from the British bitch-
While the congress refused to send arms food and cloths in order to make themselves through devious deals rich-

Slavery to whores is slavery still no matter the flag which flies overhead-
To hell with the American sheeple and their whores in DC is what they would have said-

They could have gone home to be with their children and each his wife-
Instead of a bloody cold hungry dying time of years long strife-

For ungrateful curs who run after any lie they are told-
Who sell their children’s future for pennies to the evil ass holes who steal the gold-

Which should have grown the country to be a good place to live work and raise a family-
Instead of the oppressive commie zionist zombie shit hole of today’s nightmare slavery reality!

The Ole Dog!

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