Ted Nugent calls people who got the 💉 🐑🐑🐑

Ole Ted’s bedside manner is not the smoothest I have ever observed.
But the truth IS the truth.

I got kicked off of YouTube for “Hate Speech”.
I kept telling the truth and YouTube hated it!

The Truth is Hate Speech to those who hate the truth.

I am a bit more lenient on the killer jabs.
Person was a sheep and got ONE jab, pulls their heads out off their asses and tries to stay alive, I tell them about minerals, vitamins and humbling themselves before God, trusting in God and not man which may keep them alive.

But the Dust Masked Mad Cow Maxx Vaxxers who get every killer jab they can and raise hell with the non sheep because they will not commit assisted suicide with the sheep, the sooner their bones bleach in the sun, the safer humanity is!

The ole Dog!

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