The Work of the Devil-THE VATICAN

Dogs can see evil in humans.
Cats can see poltergeist.

Shape shifters exist, not exactly the way sheep humans understand it, but they are very real.
Angels exist, demonic forces exist, the “myths”of dragons are based on history.

In the Bible a donkey could see an angel of God when a wayward prophet could not.

Sheep humans, most of them can only see what their eyes can see.
There are much much more which surrounds humans.

The Smithsonian has tried to destroy all records of real giants which walked the earth with humans as well as other real history.

There are those of us who can track ourselves through history.

When it is really going to be absolutely nasty, God sends me.

When one reads of my past lives, no matter the life or the times, the words used are usually the same words.
Words like bloody, cruel, bloodthirsty, multidimensional, complicated, flawed, magnanimous in victory, brilliant tactician, brave, generous, charismatic, charming, explosive temper, cunning.

Many times is said the people loved me.
As i have pointed out to my wife, it says nothing about them liking me.

Such as myself have to operate on many levels which the contradictions of puzzles the sheep.

Those writing them have never understood me as they are looking though sheep eyes which only see the visible.

But one thing which usually makes it in is that I was tolerant of most religions.
I still am.

I was once excommunicated by a pope for telling him to go have sex with himself.
In another life I “frightened” a high up churchman to death.
Thats how it is recorded at least through the eyes of the sheep “historians”.

I an tolerant of Catholics, have friends who are Catholic.
But the Vatican is EVIL itself, always has been, still is.
The Vatican has raped, robbed and mass murdered their way into living like kings while having a culture of raping God’s little children.

Hello Houston!
We have one HUGE ASSED problem!!!

Communism is pissing in the face of the One True Creator God and God’s Laws.

Anyone who tries to claim there is only one way to God, and EVERYONE must use that path is a fool, and a control freak.
Neither which are things God or God’s Laws approve of.

So while I support Catholics being able to practice their religion as long as they do not try to force it on others, the Vatican serves, and always has served evil and the dark side.

If humanity is to grow spiritually, learn to solve their problems without mass murder and wars, the Vatican must cease to exist!

The Ole Dog!

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