Australian Insanity — I can barely believe this is real…

No one including the Australian “government” can produce a verified sample of an identified, secluded, reproducible purified stand alone sample of a SARSCOV-2 “virus” said to somehow magically cause the mythical “COVID-19” illness “detected” by a proved to be bull shit PCR “test”, but here you see government minions kidnapping a man who seems completely […]

CDC Director Estimated To Have Mass Murdered At Least A Half A Million Americans With Spike Protein Ladened Loaded Syringes To Restart Gun Research Amid Spate Of Mass Shootings

One HUMAN who did not want to to go on record for fear of being hunted down and stabbed with a loaded syringe stated the witch was screaming mass murderering Americans was her damn job, and by God her Loaded Syringe Groupie Mass Murderers did not need any help from gun welding murderers. The Ole […]