Pompousass Ex-CIA War Criminal chief’s call to prosecute sources who outed alleged plot to target Assange ‘CONFIRMS’ story, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief says

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WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson said former CIA Director Mike Pompeo has “confirmed” a bombshell report about alleged agency plans to “kidnap or kill” Julian Assange by calling for the prosecution of its sources.
During an appearance on journalist Megyn Kelly’s podcast aired on Wednesday, Pompeo was asked to respond to the explosive Yahoo News story – which was based on inputs from some 30 former US intelligence and national security officials with knowledge of the agency’s efforts against WikiLeaks.

“I can’t say much about this other than whoever those 30 people who allegedly spoke to one of these reporters; they should all be prosecuted for speaking about classified activity inside the CIA,” Pompeo said, while noting that the report published on Sunday made for “pretty good fiction.”

However, he confirmed that “pieces of [the report] are true,” such as the existence of a CIA campaign to target WikiLeaks after the organization had published highly sensitive documents from the agency’s so-called ‘Vault 7’ that offered a glimpse into some of its hacking tools and methods.

“This can be seen as a Pompeo’s confirmation of the Assange ‘kidnap or kill’ story. Why else would he want to prosecute those sources ‘speaking about classified activity’?” Hrafnsson tweeted in response.

During the show, Pompeo repeated his infamous allegation that WikiLeaks was a “non-state hostile intelligence service” that is “actively seeking to steal American classified information.” According to the report, the CIA had sought to define Assange and other journalists as “information brokers” so as to allow the agency to conduct “offensive counterintelligence” activities on the group.

“When bad guys steal those secrets we have a responsibility to go after them, to prevent [such actions] from happening,” Pompeo said, adding that the agency had a “responsibility to respond.”

We desperately wanted to hold accountable those individuals that had violated US law, that had violated requirements to protect information and had tried to steal it. There is a deep legal framework to do that. And we took actions consistent with US law to try to achieve that.


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