Fauci’s Wife & Conflicts of interest with Gates’ Vaccines


Friend told me F##KI was married to the mass murderer of Children at the Criminal CDC

Turns out they were wrong.
While F##KI and the Bitc# Witch at CDC share a passion for mass murdering children and lying their asses off, F##Ki’s ole “lady” heads another agency where she helps mass murder children while taking the 30 shekels.

The Ole Dog!

QUESTION: Why is no one talking about Anthony Fauci being married to Christine Grady?
She heads ethics on covid vaccine!! Christine Grady is a longtime nurse and the current chief of the department of bioethics with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She graduated with a B.S. in nursing and biology from Georgetown University, a M.S.N. in community health nursing from Boston College, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Georgetown.
She is also a senior research fellow at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics and was elected as a Fellow at both the American Academy of Nursing and the Hastings Center. Dr. Grady is a member of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.
She has previously served as a consultant to UNAIDS and the Pan American Health Organization and as a staff member to the President’s Commission on HIV Infection. Dr. Grady has authored more than 100 papers in bioethics, HIV disease, and nursing, and has authored or edited several books.

ANSWER: The level of corruption that I believe Bill Gates has funded in health and energy is simply beyond description. But he also controls much of the media right down to the BBC in London, which accepts money from him to cover health. There is NOBODY in the media willing to investigate this consortium. They are signing their own death warrants, but for now, they enjoy the free money and never look past the end of their nose.
We desperately need a real free press that does not accept money from people like Gates. This is just so corrupt, it reminds me of some of the very worst tyrants in Roman History. It is a sad time in history to sit by and watch these people destroy all our freedoms for their personal greed and ego.
That said, Christine Grady is Anthony Fauci’s wife. Her role seems to be to preside over the ethical questions of testing vaccines. This may present a conflict of interest. It does not inspire confidence given the questions surrounding Fauci and his involvement with the Wuhan lab.


Fauci’s Wife & Conflicts of interest with Gates’ Vaccines

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