Lying Assed Mass Murdering New York Times reporter lied about covid “surge” at schools to push more Scamdemic paranoia

All such as this lying assed minion of the dark side who has helped mass murder humans by Loaded Syringe, must be given Fair Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal Trials.

Followed by Fair Hangings!

The Ole Dog!

A writer at The New York Times named Apoorva Mandavilli was caught lying about a “surge” in Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “cases” at schools in order to scare more people into getting “vaccinated.”

Mandavilli’s piece contained many of the usual talking points about how the “need” for people to get injected is “urgent” because “[c]hildren now account for more than one in five new cases.” The problem, of course, is that Mandavilli pulled this figure right out of her back end.

There is no evidence to suggest that children are getting sick from the so-called “delta variant” – or that the delta variant even exists, for that matter. But leave it to the Times to publish falsehoods on behalf of China Joe, who now says that 98 percent of America needs to be “fully vaccinated” before things can get “back to normal.”

Mandavilli specifically pushed the Pfizer-BioNTech shot, which is made with mRNA chemicals that permanently reprogram a person’s genetic blueprint. This means that “vaccine” recipients become genetically modified (GMO), non-human chimeras.

Messenger RNA, we now know, is a pandemic nightmare as injecting it into people’s bodies only fuels the mutation of potentially deadlier viral strains.

Apoorva Mandavilli should be ashamed of herself

Another lie in Mandavilli’s article is her false claim that “[n]early 30,000 children were hospitalized for Covid in August,” and that the worst-hit states are those considered to be the “least vaccinated.”

Once again, there is no evidence to suggest that any of this is true. Further, Mandavilli made the unfounded assumption that children are being hospitalized for covid when, as we have learned over the past year and a half, most people are going to hospitals with covid, meaning they received a “positive” test result that nine times out of 10 is asymptomatic.

It turns out that Mandavilli pulled that 30,000 figure from another Times piece that actually stated “with Covid” as opposed to “for Covid,” meaning she either lied or does not understand the English language enough to know the difference between these two prepositions.

In any case, Mandavilli wrote fake news that was published by the Times, which is one of the worst fake news offenders. There is simply no truth to the claim that children are being hospitalized, or that their fictitious hospitalizations are the result of some people choosing not to get injected with experimental drugs from “Operation Warp Speed.”


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