2 Timothy 1:7
7: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Some thirty years back Uncle sugar sent me to the Big Kitty Litter Box of the Middle East for a war.
One night I was standing on a pier covered with bombs being unloaded from ships on one side, being loaded on ships on the other side and on trucks parked on the pier when a Scud alert went off.

One of them old time sirens which build in volume until it just blares.
All the sailors ran to their ships, the ships went to red lights, battle stations were called and men scurried to their assigned places for times like this.

I put my gas mask on as we were under orders to do so when these kind of things happened, and walked to the head of the pier where a couple of locals ran a small store.
I made a purchess from them while they laughed their asses off at me because I was waring a gas was which was as useless as teats on a boar hog in this situation.

After the all clear was sounded in a bit, I started looking for two of my men who had been with me which were no where to be found now.
They eventually came wandering up.
I asked them, where the hell have you been?

They said, “On one of the ships”.

I asked them why the hell they went on a ship?

They replied, “Where it was safe”!

At the head of the pier I got one under each arm and turned them to look the length of the pier with the ocean disappearing into the dark behind it.
I asked them, What the hell do you see on the decks of the ships on the left?

They replied, “Bombs”.

I asked, What the hell do you see on the decks of the ships on the right?

They replied “Bombs”.

I asked, What the hell do you see stacked up and down the length of the whole damn pier?

The replied, “Bombs”.

I told them there is no safe place here, you can not run from this shit!
If that damn things had hit anywhere here the only thing you could do other than putting your head between your knees to kiss your ass goodby was to take a long deep dive into the ocean and the concessions would have probably killed your ass anyway.

I have always enjoyed a good lightning and thunderstorm!

Most folks run indoors, I go out so I can see things and hear things good.
It shows me nature at play, God’s power in display.
I feel close to God seeing God’s power being shown like that.

Once when the wife and I were young people, a good thunder boomer with amazing lightning bolts being thrown about came up as I was standing at the back of our house taking it all in.
From the back door the wife yelled for me to come in!

I turned and told her, if God decides it is my time, I could be hiding under the bed in the bedroom and God would have no problem shoving a lightning bolt up my ass!

When I see people driving down the street alone in their car, windows up, dust mask on, I just shake my head and feel sorry for them.
Existing in fear is a terrible thing!

My father was a Baptist Minister, old school not what you have now.
At one time he was offered the second largest Baptist church in Houston but would have nothing to do with it.
He pastored small churches among the working people.
He told me people in large churches loose their desire to grow spiritually, and the church becomes just one more social organization.

He and I talked much of life, God, humans, the hereafter.
He told me several times when we were discussing what was to come after this body died, but not the soul or spirit, “I figure if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing when death comes, you will have nothing to worry about”.

Fear is a terrible thing, and those who exist in fear do not Know the One True Creator God.

The reason suicide is a sin against God is in God’s plan everyone has a die date.
Yes your actions on this earth can make you sick, cause you to live a hard miserable life, but you will not die until your time, unless you kill your body by suicide.
Then you are playing God.

I assure you, you can take every jab of the killer Spike Protein Witches Brew Voodoo Bill Gate Euthanasia jabs you want, you can triple mask with useless dust mask, you can isolate yourself in your house behind walls of bottled water and toilet paper, and if God dictates your time has come, and it is to be a virus which does the job, that virus can find many cracks in your home more than large enough to come through, go through or around those walls of TP and bottle water, right through those dust mask on which the weave is so much larger than a virus needs to get through, make you sick so you die.

The virus can just go into the corner of your eye, it does not even have to go through the mask.

So if you are existing in fear, find God and you will lose the fear, stop existing and learn to live.

I know people in their 60s, 70s and 80s who have never lived.
They exist, but have never tasted the sweet freedom of life.
When you live, you mess up, make mistakes, collect scars on the body, on the mind, on the emotions and on the soul, but that is how one grows spiritually.

If you exist cowering in fear till you have existed for a hundred years and have never lived, what have you accomplished?

So lose the fear preached by the minions of the dark side, the “government” minions, the MSM minions, The “health experts” from the lying assed dark side, and damn well live a little before your body dies!

I have news for you, no human body is going to get off this rock alive.
The Zionist Zombie Virus Host “christians” have convinced themselves if they drop enough money in the plate, if the sing HOLY-HOLY-HOLY loud in church every Sunday morning, if the say “FORGIVE ME JESSSSSUUUSSSSS!!!!! enough times, if they can just keep from dying till the tribulations come, God will snatch their asses ALIVE out of this world and their body will not have to taste of death.

The Bible does not back up that belief.
My mother was a Zionist Zombie “christian”.
But before she died she admitted to a brother who came to the same conclusion by reading and rereading Revelations, that the idea of a “Rapture” is not biblical.

In one of those deep theological discussions I had with my father when I was a teenager, I told him the “rapture” made no sense.
So God was going to allow his faithful to be boiled in oil, torn apart by wild beast, raped, tortured, skinned alive, hanged, mutilated, drowned, stoned to death so they could win against the evil, prove their faith, but this bunch at the end, who had helped craft a world of shit by their own actions, God was going to save them from their faith being tried?
Bull shit!

Got news for you.
You are in the beginning of the tribulations.
The Mad Cow Maxx Vaxx passport is the Mark of the Beast.
And God is not going to jerk your asses out of this.

Turn to God, lose the fear, learn to live and embrace the pain and disappointments of living so you can grow spiritually.

Ephesians 6:12
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The evil minions like F##KI, his bitc# witch wife mass murdering children at the CDC, the sold out lying talking heads on MSM, the whored out political prostitutes in the seats of power of world “governments”, and those they serve have already lost.
They just don’t know it yet.

Those who hold fast to their faith in God, even unto death have already won.

So lose the fear and learn to live.
Time grows short as the gathering of the evil souls has started.

The Ole Dog!

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