Aussie Police Commissioner Refuses to Enforce Killer Jabs Passport Mandate

Two “brave” Aussie cops body slam 74 year old woman holding Aussie flag and peacefully protesting communistic Mandates to the ground, break her hip then spray her in the face with pepper spray.

I guess this Aussie cop will not need a Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal and a Fair Hanging like so very-very many Aussie cops do.
Such as the two cowards above.

What people need to do, is boycott any business trying to enforce communistic anti-freedom anti-humanity “mandates”.
Take your business elsewhere.

In San Antonio when they dropped the mask mandate, any business which requires one while another does not, don’t get my business.
I vote with my feet and money.

The Ole Dog!

The Police Commissioner of New South Wales has refused to enforce the state’s vaccine passport mandate, revealing that officers will not be checking people’s vaccination status in restaurants, clubs or bars.

The government is preparing to pass a mandate that will ban all unvaccinated people from gaining entry to numerous venues up until at least December 1st in a repeat of the segregation scheme that has been adopted in numerous western countries.

However, after questions began to swirl about whether businesses would be forced to impose the measures on customers, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller made it clear that his officers wouldn’t be on patrol.

“The role of police in terms of vaccine passports, we will not be walking through restaurants, cafes and pubs checking if people are double vaccinated,” he said.

“[But] we will certainly be assisting restaurant owners and shop owners if they are refusing entry to someone – we’ll certainly respond to assist those people.”

Health Minister Brad Hazzard asserted that it would be the police’s job to enforce the measures, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Unlike in some countries, businesses won’t face fines if they allow unvaccinated people to enter, rendering the whole scheme rather pointless.

As we previously highlighted, many businesses in France are not enforcing the vaccine passport mandate despite it being the law.


Australian Police Commissioner Refuses To Enforce Vaccine Passport Mandate

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