If there were a plague going on there would be bodies piled in the streets.
There is not.

Originally when this scamdemic started I was convinced it was only the seasonal flu relabeled “COVID-19”.

I still believe there was never a pandemic, the numbers were manipulated/lied about to scare the sheep into taking the kill jabs.

I now know of two cases personally where the people did not take the jab, got whatever is going around, and got blood clots.

This brings but two or three possibilities I can think of.

The evil ass holes tried to engineer a plague, but being F##K ups were not able to match Mother Nature’s ability, and just could not get one engineered which would take off and kill huge numbers of people.
But some people do get it and if unhealthy, low on the minerals and vitamins needed to keep the human body healthy, can die.

I know no “government”, or “government” agency has been able to produce a verified purified scientifically isolated reproducible sample of the “SARS-Cov-2” “virus”
But is that can not, or will not?

If the evil F##Ks engendered a virus to turn loose on humanity, they sure as hell would not want to pass out samples to independent scientist who could prove it was engineered and perhaps trace it back to certain people or certain labs.

The mRNA “technology” goes back several years.
I have personally seen articles on the process dating back to 2017.

How do we know they have not already been inserting the damed spike protein into seasonal flu shots or other “vaccines” without telling anyone.

If people took the seasonal flu shot which had the mRNA technology and spike protein in it maybe for the last couple of years, it would explain the blood clots in people who know they did not take the “COVID-19” mRNA Non Vaccine clot killer jabs.

I personally would not allow anyone to stick any needle in my arm or ass at this point no matter what the hell they told me it was.
These ass holes have proved they are evil, they are liars, and probably demonically possessed to boot!

The seasonal flu is not going to cause blood clots so there is something else going on here.

Whatever it is, I can tell you both the wife and I had whatever is going around, but as the USA used me for a lab rat to test an untested vaccine on in 1991, I had to learn about the human body and how to stay alive when they have screwed your immune system up.
I had myself and wife on a good regiment of vitamins and minerals so when we got whatever is going around, we felt like shit for about a week, and slowly started getting better.
No blood clots.
No one came close to dying.

The food Americans and much of the Western world eats is devoid of vitamins and minerals.
Add to that they spay chemtrails in the sky which means the amount of vitamin D you will get is decreased.
Add to that the winter months when everyone covers up, most people’s bodies seriously short of the needed vitamin D and minerals needed to stay well, and whatever my wife and I shrugged off shortly will kill many people.

The FDA seems to have been trying for years to take vitamins and minerals from the reach of Americans, making war on family farmers, Amish farmers who produce heathy organic food and products.

My advice would be start composting, growing as much of your own food as you can organically and damn well start a good regiment of vitamins and minerals.
Take no shots for anything!

If you already took the killer jab, your best chance is to get up to speed on your minerals and vitamins and try to stay healthy that way.
Dust mask are as useless as teats on a boar hog.
Lockdowns kill family businesses and cause suicides but do not stop any virus from spreading.
The mRNA jabs are not vaccines, and are killing people.
Lots of people.

And one more thing.

The bastards in DC are trying to kill you.
Don’t help them do it by listening to their bull shit.
They have proved they have no truth or honor.
Going to a hospital is a death wish.

Look at the above map and graph.
I don’t give a flying trapeze what Hands all over little girls Biden, F##Ki or his bitc# witch wife at the CDC says, the track record and facts prove whatever is going around can be defeated with Ivermectin, and those who do get sick with it can be cured unlike with the Big Pharma Voodoo witch’s brew drugs they are murdering Americans at Hospitals with

The Ole Dog!

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