I Am A Rebel From A Long Line Of Rebels, Unrepentant, Unreconstructed, And Proud Of It!

My Great grandfather type Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his legions trying to save the Republic from the elites who kicked former Legionaries onto the streets of Rome to beg.
The greedy bastards murdered him for trying to force reforms on them and limit how much they stole from the common man, thereby killing the last chance the Republic had.

Many of my lines trace back to the Merovingian Kings.
The knowing understands the ramifications.

At least two of my ancestors were Normans at the Battle of Hastings.
Baldwin Carleton and William the Bastard.

King John the Poopless was a bumbling pain in the ass to his brother Richard the Lion.

Edward the 4th & Richard the 3ed were bastards, not fathered by a Plantagenet father.
Their mama was a slut.
This means all “British” kings & queens including these two and all after these two are fakes.

Including the current commoner pretenders on that tiny little island for pretenders, misfits and losers.

No one can be quite as obnoxious as Commoner white trash with money.

I must give honorable mention to my great-great uncle type Richard the Lion Heart who told the Popester to go have sex with himself when the Vatican cabal Popester wanted him to go slaughter tens of thousands more Arabs in another “holy war”.

Damn Popester without a sense of humor excommunicated Richard.
Which was ok cause Richard was a Cather anyway.

Always been proud of my Great-great grandfather type Edward the 1st.
Boy had a temper he did.
When he was 17 he cut the family jewels off his aunts husband and shoved them in his uncle’s mouth.
Of course he had already had him killed in battle first.
He sent in a twelve man squad of Knights to find his ass and make sure they killed his ass.
Family squabble, his uncle betrayed his father and had held Edward prisoner until he escaped.

Then there was the time the Vatican’s crime cabal Popester tried to interfere in Edwards running of his own kingdom.
Edward lost that temper again, and history tells us the Arch-Bishop of York dropped dead with fright on the spot.

Two of my 3ed great grandfathers, two 4th great-grandfathers fought with my cousin George Washington against the British

Lewis’s grandson, my great grandfather William Lewis Carleton was a Methodist circuit riding minister/medical doctor who joined the forces of Arkansas as a common soldier, and became the fighting chaplain of his outfit when the chaplain position was created in the Confederate army.

William Lewis Carleton left seated. Right seated, my great grandmother Margaret Tucker Carleton who’s father was at the battle of New Orleans with cousin Andrew Jackson.
Behind standing, two nephews

My great-great grandfather James Lafayette DuBose was first an infantry soldier, then a calvary man with the Arkansas forces.

My great-great grandfather Martin was Texas 1st Light Artillery and part of the forces which took the yankee Surender of San Antonio.
My great-great grandfather Baker was 13th regiment Texas Calvary.

Cousins with General Robert E. Lee, CSA.

General Stonewall Jackson CSA.

General Richard Taylor CSA.

Gen.Taylor in his excellent book ‘Destruction and Reconstruction’ tells of when he surrendered the last Confederate troops East of the Mississippi, a German Marxist in a yankee general’s uniform who could barely speak English told him now he and his men were going to learn REAL American values.
Richard replied it pained him his grandfather an officer in the American Revolution, and his father the President of the United States of America had not taught him “real Americans values”.

Also Cousins with WW 2 American General George S Patton, a true Rebel!

General George S Patton marking his territory.
Pissing in the Rhine River on a bridge his engineers built across the river just as his great grandfather type Julius Caesar did
Family tradition you might say.

Not one drop of yankee blood in this unrepentant, unreconstructed, Texican Rebel Good Ole Boy!

My Republic of Texas has been illegally in a continuing war crime occupied by the little Southern Child Gang Raping till death thieving yankee “puritan” USA criminals for 156 years and counting.

I am trying to do something about that, but legally, not wanting to see more bloodshed.

So for all you unrepentant Rebels out there, heres some Patriotic Music.

Now I don’t make a gnat on an elephants ass compared to my musical hero Waylon picking and singing, but I am pretty good at defining who is a Texican and who is not!
Guy Clark, another Texas boy was also one of my musical heroes.
He was a hell of a picker and singer also.
Worked hard to get what little musical ability I have which allowed me to be truly in awe of those like Waylon and Guy who could truly make a guitar sing.

Dublin Blues with commentary on who is, and who is not a real Texican.

The Ole Texican Dog!

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