Hospitals are deliberately MURDERING patients by denying them access to ivermectin

Another American was murdered by Western medicine after being denied lifesaving ivermectin treatment for a serious Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) infection.

Todd Abbott, 43, died at UAB Medical Center West in Bessemer, Ala., which refused his wife’s request that he be given ivermectin. Abbott, a father of two teenage daughters, later died after being put on a ventilator instead.

According to reports, Abbott was transferred to an intensive care unit (ICU), sedated, and put on a ventilator instead of being given ivermectin, which could have saved his life. Consequently, Abbott’s kidneys shut down, fluid built up in his lungs, and a blood clot developed in his leg.

Now, Abbott’s wife Melissa is having to try to pick up the pieces, which is especially difficult knowing that he could have been saved if only Americans were allowed to access ivermectin the same way that Indians are.

“I’ve never felt so much pain,” Melissa told LifeSiteNews. “My heart is breaking into pieces. The joy has been ripped from my life. So now, I’m supposed to know how to move on and raise our teen daughters at such a precious age for a father to be around.”

Prior to her husband’s death, Melissa tried to seek the help of a law firm in forcing the hospital to honor her wishes. She says the doctor who treated Todd was rude and “spoke disrespectfully” to her after she asked about ivermectin, acting as though he knew better than her what was best.

“I also have overwhelming anger for the medical system and the doctor who treated my husband and, up to the day he died, still refused to give him the Ivermectin and told me he wasn’t going to discuss it,” Melissa says.

Alabama doctors made Melissa feel “like a prisoner” with them as “the wardens”

Once Todd was admitted to UAB Medical Center West, it was as though all of his rights and his family’s rights were immediately stripped from them. Suddenly, Melissa no longer had any say in how her husband was treated, and any attempts she made at intervening were shot down.

Melissa described this feeling as being “like a prisoner,” with the doctors overseeing her husband’s health as “the wardens.” In truth, UAB Medical Center West became a literal prison where Todd was basically given the death penalty.

Melissa is not planning to give up, though. She is currently in pursuit of appropriate legal help to hold UAB Medical Center West accountable for murdering her husband.

“The night before, my husband had been doing pretty good and his stats were looking good,” Melissa says about how Todd was doing fairly well before being admitted to UAB Medical Center West.

“The next morning, they said his lung had collapsed, his heart rate dropped, and his oxygen was at 50-60 percent.”


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