Mass murderers must be hanged.

Accessories to mass murder must be hanged.

Child abusers must be hanged.

Religious Charlatans who used their positions to talk people into assisted suicide with killer jabs must be hanged.

Mayors, city councilmen who pushed or required folks to take killer jabs, did communist family business killing lockdowns and forced masking must be hanged.

School board members, school administrators, school teachers who pushed child abuse and mass murder agaisnt God’s little children must be hanged.

Doctors, nurses, hospital administrators who pushed killer jabs, lied about safe medicines which are proved to prevent disease, heal persons sick with “COVID”, refused to administer such meds, must be hanged.

“Health Experts”/heads of alphabet agencies who lied/supported the lies of the fake pandemic so as to push killer jabs must hang!

Pedophile computer geeks pushing killer jabs must hang.

Cops who enforced restrictive anti-freedom communistic rules, tried to help the evil F##Ks force killer jabs, lockdowns, masking on humans must hang.

Business owners who forced killer jabs on their employees must hang.

“Media” persons who lied to push the killer jabs, lied about safe medicines, lied about the numbers sick, lied about hospitals being full, lied about the un-jabbed being the problem must hang.

Political whores who violated their oaths of office pushing communistic Anti-American jabs, masking, lockdowns on supposed to be free Americans MUST HANG!

Members of the judicial who made bull shit rulings against the people supporting the mass murder by jabs of the people must hang.

Social Platform owners, CEOs, high up persons who made war on the free passing of truthful information about the danger of the jabs, supported the lies about usefulness of the useless as teats on a boar hog mask which harmed one’s own health, supported communistic lockdowns MUST HANG!

When mothers, fathers, lovers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, grandchildren wake up and realize the above lies caused them to help murder their own loved ones by getting them jabbed, when those who got jabbed based on the lies and deception of the above types who know they are sick and dying wake up, they are going to want payback, justice.

Many will be tempted to chase the guilty sons of bitches into blind alleys and bash their brains out with base ball bats.

But I appeal to all such not to resort to mob rule.
Yes the sons of bitches and slimy cunts MUST PAY, but for the good of society, they need to be brought before Nuremberg Type Common Law Tribunals, charged with their crimes, when found guilty, THEN HANGED legally.

Mob rule is not the way to go.
Yes such evil F##Ks must pay, they need to be taken out for the gene pool, but for the good of humanity, it needs to be done as an arm of society, not for individual revenge.

So like ole Saint Nick, start making a list, check it twice, find out who is naughty or nice, start gathering proof of their evil guilt from social media pages, recordings of “news” broadcast, print media so when the time comes to drag their evil asses in front of the tribunals, there can be no doubt of their guilt, time is not wasted, and their hangings can be expedited.
Because there is going to have to be a shit load of hangings.

The evil sons of bitches and slimy cunts can not be allowed to crawl back under their rocks and hide from justice, waiting their chance to sell out and make war on humanity at some future time.

The Ole Dog!

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