Hands Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse To Commit Assisted suicide With Spike Protein Killer Jabs

Ole Hands all over little girls Biden is probably still pissed his crack head son was kicked out for drug abuse so he wants to mass murder all service members who can control their actions, unlike his looser crack head son.

The Ole Dog!

The Biden administration is pushing for dishonorable discharges and even court martialing for troops who disobey orders to get COVID [NOT] vaccines.

GOP Representative Mark Green of Tennessee proposed an amendment this week to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would prohibit “any discharge but honorable” for troops who refuse vaccines.

The White House responded with a statement noting “The Administration strongly opposes section 716,” reasoning that it would “detract from readiness and limit a commander’s options for enforcing good order and discipline when a Service member fails to obey a lawful order to receive a vaccination.”

The statement added “To enable a uniformed force to fight with discipline, commanders must have the ability to give orders and take appropriate disciplinary measures.”

Responding to the statement, Rep. Green said “I am appalled that the Biden Administration is trying to remove my amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that prevents anything but an honorable discharge for service members who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Green added “This was a bipartisan amendment — every Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee agreed to it.”

“No American who raises their hand to serve our Nation should be punished for making a highly personal medical decision,” Green previously urged.

Another section of the bill, 720, proposes that troops who have previously had COVID-19 should be exempted from a vaccine mandate. The Biden administration also opposes it, claiming it creates “a new and overly broad exemption from the vaccination requirement for previous infection that would undermine the effectiveness of the requirement.”

The House is expected to vote on the NDAA early Thursday morning.

As we have previously noted, there has been significant resistance to vaccine mandates among military service members.

Tucker Carlson revealed Monday that a bizarre presentation was given to troops sardonically ridiculing vaccine mandates with links to satanism, as the military pushes mandates, even for elite navy SEALS who have had the virus and have natural immunity.


One thought on “Hands Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse To Commit Assisted suicide With Spike Protein Killer Jabs

  1. Phil Maffia says:

    Large sections of the military of the western nations can see how the failed coup de tats have panned out and thousands upon thousands of serving and ex serving honorable nationalist s can see where all the military spending had gone…..
    As the south park episode ( white people flipping houses) said ….’ come on , truck driving and coal mining ain’t exactly jobs if the future ‘
    Same in the military where spending is on tech and equipment.
    No pilots needed,no marines needed,they cost to much to repair but drones and A.I. Revell f35 s controlled by grounbased control and robotic droid dog gun platforms will take the real and visually traumatic pain out of war……for the tech killer’s……..Stand proud America and Europe and Russia.
    The recent revelation of treason by Trump’s top general is very clear to those individuals and families and communities that shoulder the ultimate sacrifice for freedom,equality and liberty.

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