America’s hospitals are wrought with covid malpractice, fraud

Hospitals have become death traps where evil doctors, nurses, hospital administrators withhold time tested and approved for humans medicines which would save their lives while forcing voodoo killer meds and murdering ventilators on people for shekels from the “federal government” which seems determined to murder as many Americans as Possible.

All responsible for this must be dragged before Nuremberg common Law Tribunals, their guilt proved and then hanged!

The Ole Dog!

For more than a year, PANDA (Pandemics, Data & Analytics) has been receiving calls from doctors all around the world who are horrified at the rampant fraud and malpractice taking place at hospitals as part of their Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) response.

Nick Hudson, PANDA’s chairman, says that most of these doctors end up remaining silent after learning about the risks involved with being a whistleblower. However, they have stories to tell that need to be heard.

The longer the plandemic goes on, the more people in the medical profession are realizing that it is not even worth keeping their jobs while muzzled because of how terrible things are getting.

“… those same doctors are starting to realise that their jobs are so unpleasant as long as they know what they know and stay silent, and that they’d rather speak out, even knowing that actions will be attempted against them by corrupted regulators,” Hudson tweeted.

“They’re remembering why they became doctors, the oath they swore to, and how at odds their current environments are with that. Basic principles of public health are being spurned, and they do not want to be part of the travesty.”

It is only when the corporate technocracy and “creeping authoritarianism” of the Branch Covidians is put to an end that real doctors will once again be allowed to practice real medicine.

“If it’s lost, they will not want to practice medicine in any event,” Hudson notes. “This is the conclusion all ethical doctors will eventually reach.”

Honest doctors must speak out or their entire profession will collapse.

It is in their best interest for doctors who know the truth and are witnessing fraud and malpractice first hand to speak out about it. If they do not, then the medical professional as a whole is at risk of failure.

There is already growing distrust among Americans who used to trust the system concerning the legitimacy of Western medicine in the age of the Fauci Flu.

So much has been tampered with and lied about concerning prevention and treatment for covid that many are now avoiding their doctors altogether because they would rather live than die. Is this how the medical profession wants to be viewed by the general public?

The Chinese Virus has revealed much about the true ugly nature of Western medicine. Ironically, the medical fascism that has really ramped up over the past several years has done more to damage the integrity and reputation of the medical profession than the last 70 some-odd years of Big Pharma’s influence has.

Now, more people than ever before are asking questions that they never would have thought to ask pre-covid. When hospitals are denying patients lifesaving ivermectin and putting them on death-inducing ventilators instead, it quickly becomes apparent that something is seriously wrong with post-covid “medicine.”


One thought on “America’s hospitals are wrought with covid malpractice, fraud

  1. Phil Maffia says:

    The heiracy of fraud and psychopathy had been recorded and documented for years in the UK . The evil doers are more than partly known. Heaven has given them empty churches and social institutions that are ever more dysfunctional. These spiritual and humanitarian recidivists are so drunk with power they are deluded and ever more careless. They want for humanity the thing they fear the most , because they know the are fundamentally parasitical and they also realise that biologically and spiritually they are doomed. Classic group projection,in psycho therapeutic terms……and the weapons they use will be the ones they fear the most , biological extinction.Mivike engineers and doctors and scientists need to have big pow wows,and soon. Switch in time is just before April for five to six weeks.
    Fear God not man.

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