Approximately 70 people die from COVID vaccines every day in America – VAERS data

Mass Murder Via Loaded Syringe using a faked “pandemic” of a “virus” no “government” or “government” agency in the world has produced a scientifically verified/certified stand alone isolated, purified, reproducible VARS-Cov-2 sample is the same as the military going out and shooting down tens of thousands of civilians with their assault rifles.

Common Law Nuremberg Styled Tribunals must be convened by the public, by the common man.

These numbers are deceptively low.
When MSM announces someone died in their sleep, as if that is normal, the clot shot got em!
When they announce “COVID” deaths, this means the spiked Protein Chemical Biological Weapon did it’s job and killed em!

Injection deaths are blamed on “heart attacks” and any other thing which can disguise the mass murder of humans via the Experimental not tested (except on you) mRNA “gene Therapy” DNA altering Spike Protein injecting Chemical Biological Weapon of Mass Destruction against Humanity.

All those Guilty of aiding this organized mass murder, “government” officials, MSM ass holes & Bimbos, Charlatan religious “leaders”, “health experts”, mayors, city councilmen, school board members, school district superintendents, principles, music/film personalities, heads of criminal agencies, owners/CEOs/head talent of social platforms and others MUST receive Fair Common Law Trials before being hanged for Mass Murder/Accessory to Mass Murder.

I am for doing this Legally as I do not like Mobs.
Although some who come to realize their lovers, husbands/wives/parents/children have been murdered in the most fowl way based on damned lies may want to personally chase such evil degenerates into blind allies and bash their brains out with baseball bats, I appeal to control that urge and spend that energy helping form the Common Law Nuremberg Courts to do this legally.

And ANYONE who forced masking with useless as teats on a boar hog dust mask and Communistic “lockdowns” on God’s little children!

The Ole Dog!

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is exploding with vaccine injuries, at a rate never seen before. The number of injuries and deaths from these vaccines is so immense, all prior vaccine injury data over the past two decades pales in comparison to the carnage observed in 2021.

The government’s passive vaccine injury surveillance system has logged over 675,000 adverse reactions from the vaccines in just eight short months. If these medical issues were divvied up among the roughly 17,000 hospitals in the United States, there have been roughly 40 COVID vaccine injuries for every hospital in the nation.

Over the past forty-seven days of reporting, there have also been 3,296 deaths reported to VAERS. This is equivalent to SEVENTY deaths per day — a sacrificial routine of medical malpractice and wrongful death that must be stopped.

When will the genocidal vaccine program be stopped?

To date, there have been a total of 14,701 deaths reported as a result of the COVID vaccines in the US, and a vast majority of these fatalities are occurring within a week after vaccination. The young and the old are dying needlessly, as the vaccine protocol is forced on people like rape and advertised as the only way to stop COVID. This is most certainly a lie, a grand deception that is being used to humiliate families and strip individuals of their due process rights and their dignity. Historically, vaccines are removed from the market and stripped of their licensure when there are just a handful of deaths.

There are so many deaths from this vaccine, almost every hospital in the US can represent one dead patient who was sacrificed “for the greater good.” If the genocidal routine continues with booster shots, these death by vaccine figures will continue to skyrocket — an apocalypse that is already being witnessed in heavily vaccinated nations like Israel. The mainstream media refuses to pick up on these stories and lies about vaccine side effects, normalizing week-long illnesses, Bells Palsy, blood clots, headaches, severe pain and heart inflammation in children. The mainstream media lies through their teeth, saying that post vaccination COVID is mild and is proof the vaccine is working. Every day, seventy people are fatally victimized by this deception, as they are intubated then sent to the morgue.

Rampant medical malpractice and wrongful death is destroying the credibility of hospitals

As the medical malpractice continues, hospital systems around the country are purging healthy “unvaccinated” employees from their ranks, creating an artificial bed shortage. Nurses who were once lauded as “superheroes” are now being discriminated against, rapidly and superficially. As hundreds of thousands of medical issues are reported in the vaccinated test subjects, there just aren’t enough nurses and doctors to deal with all the issues caused by the COVID vaccines. As a result, rampant medical malpractice and wrongful death, caused by COVID vaccines, is destroying the credibility of hospitals.

The current 675,000 adverse events reported to VAERS does NOT include all the other adverse events that are misdiagnosed as something else, not reported, normalized or ignored. Many patients and doctors cannot connect their vaccine injuries back to the vaccines because they are either too prideful to admit the fact; they are oblivious to the VAERS reporting system; they are vaccine fanatics and simply don’t see or believe the facts; or they are so accustomed to having reoccurring medical issues, nagging health problems, vaccine injuries, doctor visits and prescription dependency, that all this pain and misery is just normal to them.

Also, these reported adverse events do not factor in the tens of thousands of severe cases of illness that occur post vaccination, COVID cases that have been covered up by the CDC’s PCR rule change, which artificially lowers COVID cases in the vaccinated and deliberately under-reports them. Whether these illnesses are called COVID, DELTA, Mu, pneumonia, tuberculosis or the flu, the illness continues post vaccination. Lastly, the reported number of adverse events does not include all the vaccinated and unvaccinated people who were harmed by mutating strains of the virus, an epidemiological


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