Drone strikes to murder Americans who refuse spike protein shots? All non-vaxxers now labeled BIO-TERRORISTS by the Covid-vaccinated talking heads on MSNBC

First, it was the “War on Terror,” where every American was supposed to be terrified of those “evil do’ers” that took over airplanes and turned them into weapons of mass destruction, even though there’s not one single airport security video of any of the supposed 19 terrorists of 9/11. Now comes the “War on Covid,” […]

Want to go bald? Get a covid “vaccine!”

Nearly 1,700 people so far have reportedly lost their hair after getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). World Health Organization (WHO) data shows that autoimmune alopecia is spreading like wildfire in people who took the jabs believing that doing so would keep them “safe” against a “positive” test result. One young Japanese woman tracked […]

Popester Francis Who Blocks His Little Boy Raping “priest” from Being Brought To Justice calls for ‘compassion’ and not ‘condemnation’ for Hands Biden and for other Child Mass Murdering Church of Baby Raping Catholic politicians

Pope Francis has sidestepped a question on whether President Joe Biden and other Catholic politicians who support abortion rights should be denied Holy Communion, but he called for priests to show compassion to such leaders. Priests must use the “style of God” in ministering to elected officials, showing their flocks “closeness, compassion and tenderness,” Francis […]

Metal particles in many vaccines; but don’t worry, line up and take your shots like happy little robots

by Jon Rappoport September 15, 2021 First, current news—Japan and the Moderna COVID vaccine. Fiercepharma reports: “…another one million doses of the vaccine were suspended over concerns of possible contamination found in two additional vaccine lots…The material was determined to be metallic particles, Japan news outlet NHK reported last week. Last week, Japan suspended the […]

‘I Just Want My Life Back’ Says 16-Year-Old Who Developed Neurological Symptoms After Pfizer Vaccine

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, 16-year-old Sarah Green and her mother described Sarah’s neurological symptoms following vaccination with Pfizer, and how “doctors” wouldn’t acknowledge the vaccine might be to blame. Sarah Green was a healthy 16-year-old — until she developed neurological problems after getting Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. But doctors said her new tremors, […]

New study shows that vaccinated people routinely discriminate against their own friends, “breaking up” with those who refuse to take deadly covid jabs

Personally I do not hang with fools. They try to drag you into their foolishness. Loud mouths who are always trying to start shit expect you to back them up when they get their shit started with people who just want the ass holes to STFU and leave them alone. As far as dating, an […]

WHISTLEBLOWERS: Senior at Aegis Living center was “chemically restrained” and forced to take COVID vaccine, then DIED

Aegis Living, a senior assisted living center, is coming under fire after four healthcare professionals blew the whistle on multiple accounts of elder abuse and medical fraud taking place at the Issaquah, Washington facility. Facility caretakers allegedly lie to residents about vaccines and “chemically restrain” the residents to force them to submit to the COVID […]