STUDY: Early treatment with proven natural remedies defeats covid

Allow me to point out a few truths.

No one anywhere in the world, no “government” or “government” agency, can produce a verified Scientifically documented, purified stand alone reproducible sample of a SARS-Cov-2 virus.

The killer jabs they are calling “vaccines” are not vaccines.
The evil sons of bitches just “redefined” what a vaccine is so they could call these Experimental untested (Except on you) mRNA “Gene Therapy” DNA altering Euthanasia Spike Protein delivering witches brew voodoo chemical/biological weapons against humanity conceptions a “vaccine”.

I think the last time I looked the lying assed Criminal mass Murdering CDC will admit to these killer jabs mass murdering above 14,000 in America alone.
The Criminal CDC will also admit when backed to the wall they probably do not get but perhaps I in 10 reports of killer jab deaths and disabilities which means at a minimum the true number murdered in America so far will be 140,000, but in reality probably above a million dead by killer jabs.

Those dying from the spike proteins injected into their bodies are for the most part being called “COVID-19” deaths and used as numbers to try to scare more and more humans into taking the assisted suicide jabs.

When they report people dying in their sleep, or found dead in their bed as if this were normal, these are jab deaths.


If you can not figure this one out you would be severally challenged to pour horse piss out of a Texican cowboy boot with the instructions written on the bottom of the heel.

But yet American hospitals REFUSE to treat sick with a long approved for human use medicine which everyone but government “officials” “doctors” and hospital “administrators” knows works agaisnt whatever is going around.

The Red Cross warns people if you had whatever is going around, please do not take the killer jabs.
If you had whatever is going around you have natural anti-bodies to what ever is going around.
If you take the killer jabs they will destroy that natural immunity making your blood worthless to treat people sick with whatever is going around.

Our son in law got whatever is going around, gave it to my wife who gave it to me.
The only one went to a doctor was the wife.
We stayed home, took liquid minerals, vitamins, drank warm tea and ate chicken soup.
We all three recovered and nobody died.
Of course none of us were stupid enough to take the jabs or probably all three of us would be dead.

Which brings up the question, are all the political whores and their minions from DC too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same time, or are the bribed and blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery child Rape Videos trying their best to Mass Murder Americans?

F##K DC!

The Ole Dog!

New research published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine shows that early intervention against a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) infection using natural, over-the-counter remedies is a safe and effective way to avoid complications.

Researchers from Ohio looked at modalities that are readily available for the Chinese Virus, including zinc, zinc ionophores, vitamins C, D3, and E, and l-lysine. These items were categorized in the study as “preventive measures” and “early-stage treatments” that can help to avoid the need for more “advanced” anti-covid measures such as pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

Each of these tested remedies is natural, by the way, and the results of what they can do are impressive. Once again, nature wins out as our most abundant medicine cabinet, far exceeding anything cooked up in a lab.

The clinical study found that this “multi-component OTC (over-the-counter) ‘core formulation’ regimen” successfully protected test subjects against getting sick from the Chinese Virus, even as others got sick.

“While both groups were moderate in size, the difference between them in outcomes over the 20-week study period was large and stark: Just under 4% of the compliant test group presented flu-like symptoms, but none of the test group was COVID-positive,” the paper reveals.

“[W]hereas 20% of the non-compliant control group presented flu-like symptoms, three-quarters of whom (15% overall of the control group) were COVID-positive.”

Nature was made to help keep us healthy against disease

For 20 weeks, test subjects took these natural supplements. Adjustments were made for those with pre-existing health conditions and other health factors that may have influenced the outcome.

Since all of the remedies utilized fall into the “low cost” category, anyone can access them. They are all dubbed as “anti-viral” as well, meaning they are safe and effective for use against viruses.

By taking advantage of these remedies early, the paper explains, people can help to protect themselves against the types of adverse events that are causing some people to have to be hospitalized and put on a ventilator.

“From early March through the end of July 2020, one of us (LM) monitored approximately 600 patients in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio cities heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and did consultations with several colleagues (including JL) in the New York City metropolitan area, also heavily hit,” the paper explains.

“Over that 5-month period, we dealt with dozens of clinical and/or test-confirmed cases of COVID-19. Much of the monitoring was performed via telemedicine; approximately 20% was performed in-office. It is from in-office monitored patients and staff that the study groups emerged.”

We have been covering some of these same remedies along with others that have been scientifically shown to help protect against spike protein-induced illness.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), as one example, is a zinc ionophore that helps to deliver more zinc into cells for improved immune function. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol component of green tea, is a natural zinc ionophore that improves zinc absorption.

For this latest study, the research team used quina (cinchona) plant bark extract and quercetin as zinc ionophores, as these, too, help to deliver more healing nutrients like zinc to the cells.

“The core supplementation formulation components have been demonstrated … to have beneficial effects both outside of and within clinical settings in the prevention of viral infections and also in the treatment of early stages of such diseases,” the study reveals.

“Zinc ionophores can … be utilized to gain the anti-viral benefit of enhanced intracellular Zn+2 concentrations while limiting tolerance / side-effect / toxicity issues associated with elevated serum levels of zinc supplementation.”


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