Breaking The RothsRat Link In The Chain Which Binds Humanity In Slavery, Gives Humanity Breathing Room-REPOST

The RothsRats, Ratschilds, are not the top of the heap, but only what humanity sees as the top of the heap, which keeps humanity in slavery.

Eliminating the evil of the RothsRats, will not do away with the evil, but it will give humanity some breathing room, time to get ready, time to grow both spiritually and in knowledge, while the evil finds a new link to try to bind the chain back together, return humanity to ignorance and slavery.

World wars benefit the evil, not humanity.

If the evil, if these the Rats are the front for, want a damn war, let them fight one another, let humanity watch, put bets on which Rat of evil will be victorious.

Then just bind that Rat in chains, so they can no longer bind humanity in chains.

Beats being a slave to baby raping zionist, (End of Times Death Cult), Usury “bankers” and whatever evil they front for don’t it?

No income taxes, no property taxes, no mandatory Voodoo vaccines, no GMO food, no chemicals in your water and no chemtrails in your air.

Or you can just let them stay free while the Humanity they allow to live stay slaves.

The Ole Dog!


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