JFK was going to stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they don’t get their way.

I truly am amazed by the stupidity of the American sheep.
I should not be after having watched the ball-less bleating herd for over 60 years, but it just amazes me a bunch who like to brag about how “brave” they are, how “free” they are are so afraid to pull their heads out of their own asses and see the light of truth.

They go to church on Sunday, sing HOLY-HOLY-HOLY, while they support and vote for baby raping ass holes who blow God’s little children to bits all over the world based on lies.

Hell, they send their own lambs to mass murder God’s little children all over the world based on bald faced lies a five year old should be able to see through and feel damned “righteous” for doing the evil of pissing in the Face of God!

Then they moan like they are having an orgasm:

Why would a just God who despises pedophiles and mass murderers of God’s little children bless such an evil shit hole?

Do the American sheep truly believe God is a baby raping mass murderer like them?


The Ole Dog!

Twenty years ago Americans were attacked. They were told a story that they were attacked by 19 Saudis who were part of a global network of terror. Just hours after the buildings collapsed, President George W. Bush announced who the guilty were. Nobody seemed to wonder that in the space of a few hours the government had magically conducted an investigation and knew who was responsible, except for a few of us that were suspicious of the nature of the collapses and the videos showing Osama Bin Laden claiming responsibility. We knew that the narrative didn’t add up, from the “let’s roll” story from a cell phone call on a plane when at that time there was no cell service on planes, to the box cutter false story, to the obvious damage to the pentagon that a plane could not cause, to the swift removal of the evidence contained in the collapsed structural components, to the lies told to the U.N., and hundreds of other things including the response of the government to wage war on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many of us knew then and know beyond any doubt that 9/11 was a false flag, that the official narrative of the planes and fire causing the buildings to crumble defies the laws of physics, that the “pancake theory” is for the ignorant, and that for any of the buildings to collapse that way took skilled engineering, steel cutting charges, and controlled explosive sequencing. If you are one of us, you were called a “conspiracy theorist” for stating undeniable facts, for applying engineering principles, for putting things in the context of history, and for warning of the loss of our freedoms at the hand of a lying, despotic, and tyrannical government. We were often ridiculed, mocked, and ostracized for trying to tell others who didn’t want to face the fact that “it can happen here”.

The American psyche had been brainwashed by years of conditioning and living with no war on our land since the 1890s that despotism, tyranny and totalitarianism, was something that happened “over there” or to “other people” and couldn’t happen here to Americans because somehow we are better, smarter, we can vote, we have guns, or we wouldn’t let it, or any number of false reasons. So, when we tried to say “it can happen here” the cognitive dissonance of most Americans would not allow them to consider that it actually could and it actual is happening here.

To all of us we ought to rename September 11th as Patrick Henry Day because he sounded the alarm 213 years before when he in multiple speeches warned that the newly formed national government would become despotic.

September 11, 2001 was the revealing of that despotism right before the people’s eyes and a test of the tyrant’s skillful propaganda machine to dupe the people and shutdown all dissenting and questioning voices. It was a masterpiece of deception and mass brainwashing to foment anger and start the “global war on terror” and remove many priceless liberties from the American people. It was a watershed moment that demonstrated the immense power and despotism of the central government and the gullibility of the American populace. It proved that the American desire for individual freedom was lost and replaced with the false mindset that fighting for that same despotic government in foreign wars made us free, and that the independent freedom loving American that understood the true threats to liberty and willing to sacrifice all for liberty was substantially a thing of the past.

9/11 taught many of us to know that the destruction of the American experiment in limited government was at an end, and that the 9/11 events standing on the shoulder of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act was the writing on the wall that much worse was in store in the future. 9/11 demonstrated to the tyrants that they could perpetrate large heinous crimes in full view and convince the masses of whatever they wanted them to believe through controlled media and canceling of dissenting viewpoints. They could place blame on whoever they wanted and that they, the actual perpetrators of the crimes, would then protect the masses from those they blamed and that the masses could trust them to prevent it from happening again if they gave up more and more of their freedoms.

9/11 did not wake up Americans to the danger they faced in a corrupt and despotic government that could create money out of thin air, fund whatever wars they wanted, perpetrate heinous crimes in full view, and brainwash millions to believe that it is all for their good when in fact all of those things are threats and detrimental to freedom and peace. It didn’t wake Americans up. It did the opposite. People embraced the national governments call to action to punish those they blamed, to wage war on Iraq and Afghanistan based on completely false claims, to wage an endless “Global War on Terror” to allow government more power in the National ID act, the Homeland Security Act, the Military Commission Act, and so on. Americans didn’t wake up, they cheered on the despots, dutifully complied to more restraints on their freedom. Americans yawned and went back to work.


What Was 9/11 Then and What Is It Today?

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