Maryland Judge Commits Suicide Before Being Arrested for Sexual Exploitation of a Child

Nothing to see here! Move along! Pedophilia is institutionalized in USA politics and courts. The Ole Dog! A Maryland state judge died by suicide before being arrested on a federal charge of sexual exploitation of a child. Caroline County Circuit Judge Jonathan Newell was pronounced dead at 6:43 a.m. Friday morning, the U.S. attorney’s office […]

CDC Vindicates Dr. Bukacek, Indicts Itself

At the height of the government’s coronavirus lies and lockdowns, 30-year veteran physician, Dr. Ann Bukacek, stood at the podium of Liberty Fellowship and exposed the gross exaggeration of corona death certificates that were being encouraged by the CDC as a way of manipulating public perception regarding the nature and extent of the virus. She […]

Iran and the Fake War on Terror

In 1953 the Iranians had a revolution and formed a secular democratic government. This new Secular democratic government Nationalized Iranians oil the Rothschilds had been stealing. The CIA over threw the new Secular Democratic government installing The Shaw of Iran as a puppet head of state. He was a brutal bloody bastard but the Rothschilds […]