After Bow Wow harassed at H-E-B, San Antonio Mayor Ron Pendejoberg calls behavior a ‘disease’

What the hell is the world coming to?

I mean when two red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Commie Khazarians can not kill shit loads of family businesses with Commie Lockdowns, make people lose their jobs, drain any savings the people have, try to force Euthanasia killer jabs on people’s children, force worthless as teats on a boar hog mandatory masking which harms one’s own health on suposably free people without the people getting pissed at the red Russian Khazarian commie ass holes it is just amazing!

I mean surly it is their right to make a 3ed world shit hole of San Antonio and make war on san Antonians without the people fighting back!!!

I mean Damn!

Who would have thought???

The Ole Dog!

Making war on San Antonians red Russian Commie”mayor” Ron Pendejoberg says recent behavior over masks and vaccines is a disease that won’t go away unless called out.

Pendejoberg made the comment during Tuesday evening’s COVID-19 briefing referring to the hairstylist who harassed County Judge Nelson Bow Wow at H-E-B.

“If people don’t call it out, we just continue to permit incivil behavior,” Pendejoberg says “That is as big a disease in our community right now, and in our nation, as anything else — just the incivility we’re seeing.”

The woman, who goes by Ashley Rocks on social media, filmed herself following Bow Wow out of H-E-B, [truthfully] calling him a “traitor” and a “Communist” for imposing mask mandates.

Despite the incident, Bow Wow says that he doesn’t plan to increase security around him, and will continue to go to H-E-B by himself. He faced a similar incident in June 2020, when a man slapped Bow Wow at a Lowe’s.


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