Why not send Michal?
He is always tooting his own horn!
Damn well let His ass go deal with the sheep humans!

Now-now, if I needed a hairless chihuahua to go down there I would send Michal.
This is going to be nasty and it needs someone who can at the proper times show mercy or a complete lack of mercy.

But Damn, I mean this is Hell!

I need my best junk yard dog on this, the sheep humans are some very ignorant but arrogant easily led by their noses and dicks creatures, will take a great tactician to deal with their asses while keeping the jackals off their asses while the sheep try to kill you for the jackals.

Well ok, but damn!
What did I ever do to deserve this?

You remember when you said I was getting to damned old to run things and you started that revolution?
I figure by the time you get through with this gig you will have had all the revolutions you can handle and then some and be ready to toe the line.

Ok you have a valid point, but do I get to play with their women?

Damn boy, that thing is going to get you in all kinds of trouble down there!

The Ole Dog!

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