Americans Are Not Worthy To Look On The Likeness Of General Robert E Lee

The demonically possessed communistic trannies of Virginia took down the Statue of General Robert E Lee.

One story had this lie to say:
“The general also had an objectively darker side, inheriting slaves, to whom, according to some documents, he was cruel, encouraging their overseers to beat them.”

A F##King yankee could not tell the truth if God asked them a question personally.

The General is proved historically by his own recorded words to saying slavery should be ended, the slaves should be freed and hired to work as any other man.

When his wife inherited slaves, the General had the half of them which he thought could survive as freemen freed, and the overseer was told to work on getting the rest ready for freedom.

So when the taking it up the ass child gang raping till death tranny yankee gentuza took down his statue, they plan a time capsule where it had stood with a Kente cloth, an LGBT pin, a BLM sticker, an expired vial of Pfizer’s covid shot and more.
Probably like dildos, butt plugs a Commie Hammer and Sickle flag and such.

As the late war of yankee gang rape till death of children, burning grandpa & grandma to death in their own homes, arson, armed robber and mass murder on an industrial scale was not about slavery but killing the Revolutionaries Volunteer union and replacing it with a mandatory marxist Military Dictatorship while raping the wealth of the South, there were more slave states in the USA than the confederacy when the closet queer atheist war criminal Lincoln called for illegal invasion, and there were slaves in yankeeland when there was no more Confederacy and no slaves left in the South, any mention of slavery associated with the yankee war crimes is just one more yankee lie.

So all you lying ass yankees sullying the name of one of the greatest Americans to have ever lived, you are not worthy to lick the pigeon shit from his statue, much less look upon his likeness.

I figure the General is glad not to have to look out over such baby raping looser commies daily!

The Ole Dog!

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