I’ve had the best Hazbaras the Rothschilds can muster try to mount the Royal Blue Blooded big Lizard’s Leg.

One tried so long and so hard, till I finally made an example out of IT.
That was back in the Disqus days.
I grew tired of the lust of lower beings violating the protocols of separation between my kind and their kind.

Just as the the Arch-bishop of York mouthed off once too often to my ancestor Edward the 1st, and history recalls Edward lost his temper, the Arch-bishop of York dropped dead of “fright” on the spot, so did this Hazbara drop dead.
I did not loose my temper, I just grew tired of the worm trying to mount my leg, and an example needed to be made.

I try to avoid such things and leave them to God’s judgement on the other side.
However from time to time one insist on being sent to the other side by their actions.

From time to time I have been contacted about “GUEST POST” on this site.

There are only two people who have ever posted here and I am the main ole curly wolf.

Like an ole Lobo Wolf, I have learned to be suspicious of everyone and everything.
Thats how I have survived so long without having my site taken down and have stayed alive.

If I don’t personally know you, have a history with you, I am not going to allow you to post something on my site.
Nothing personal, just business.

I don’t allow myself to be alone with a non family female without my wife or daughter there to make sure no false accusations of sexual harassment or rape are made.
Nothing personal against any woman’s character, just damn well good policy.

I have had Hazbaras trying to get me, trip me up for many many years.
Like the ole lobo wolf, I have a sixth sense which warns me at times when things are not right.

I have no ego in this, I am not trying to get rich, not trying for fame or recognition.
Very few men in the world I respect and don’t really give a flying trapeze what the sheep think of me.

I am doing my duty to God and my Ancestors.
If God would release me from my Duty to humanity, I would rather go fishing, work with my machine tools and ride my classic motorcycles.

But when you are me, that does not seem to be an option.

So no malice or disrespect intended, but to protect myself and my site, I do not allow guest post.

Time comes when the battles and war is finished, if I am still alive, I would love to stop posting myself and spend time doing other things.

If someone out there feels the need to publish, a .org site is very cheap to start up and maintain, and God knows humanity needs all the help it can get.

The Ole Dog!


  1. Hi, I am writing to let you know that my group has just published a legal strategy for getting employers who are forcing vaccine into “checkmate” so that these resisting employees can protect their paychecks if they are fired for refusing.

    HERE: https://www.thecontrolgroup.org/employee-vaccine-freedom-information
    is where employees will find a guide to protecting their rights, their paycheck, and also the their ability to later sue their employers for damages without having to front the costs for a lawyer.

    Also, my group now has an Emergency Writ on the docket before the U.S. Supreme Court case no: 21-300 . We are demanding an end to all forms of discrimination that is based upon vaccination status in the USA. The primary allegation is that “public health” is currently being DESTROYED by such discrimination. And we’ve got more than ample, (and irrefutable evidence) proving that vaccine-exposure (at any level of exposure) does far more HARM to “public health” than even the most exaggerated claims as to their benefits. Therefore, there is no “public health” interest with which to justify the enforcement of ANY mandates or discrimination against the unvaccinated. See the lawsuit at: https://informedconsentdefense.org/

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