“Angel” – Sarah McLachlan featuring the Sarah McLachlan School of Music Senior Choir

I believe this is the best rendition of this song I have heard.

If her voice and the words of this song do not touch you somewhere deep in your soul, perhaps you do not have a soul.

This world is so full of hurt, pain, desperation, sadness, evil, selfishness, greed.
I came home from a war, I got on my Knees and begged God for knowledge and understanding.
I had to know why all of this was in this world.
I was trying to understand how to make it go away.
It was with great sadness when I came to understand that without evil, good would be meaningless.

God gives humanity free will.
Each person gets to choose what they do with their lives, what is important to them over anything else.
Each person has to own the fruits of their choices.
Each person learns from their mistakes, the wrongness or rightness of the choices they make.
Mixed in there in this insanity is also love, kindness, compassion, people who try to help all they meet.

It’s called life.
Music makes it bearable sometimes when nothing else will.

The Ole Dog!

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